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Can we please replace Nick Ferrari

15 replies

Skullduggeryfizz · 12/10/2022 08:17

Enough is enough. Just get someone else

OP posts:
FamilyTreeBuilder · 12/10/2022 08:17

The radio presenter? You do know there are lots of different radio stations to choose from if you don't want to listen to a particular person?

DismantledKing · 12/10/2022 08:21

Or just listen to a less shitty radio station instead?

EVHead · 12/10/2022 08:22

Hold on til later and listen to James O’Brien.

Devonchills · 12/10/2022 08:25

I don't mind him. James O Brien on the other hand, although I agree with some of what he say, the way he speaks to some callers is awful. So condescending and sneering to anyone who doesn't agree with him.

girlmom21 · 12/10/2022 08:25

Listen to capital. Nice and lighthearted.

willstarttomorrow · 12/10/2022 08:29

Radio 5 live?

endofthelinefinally · 12/10/2022 08:31

Don't listen to LBC in the morning.
Sheila Fogarty in the afternoon is good, and later Andrew Marr.

HalfwomanHalfcookie · 12/10/2022 08:31

I think he's awful, but I would imagine he's popular with a lot of listeners.
Does anyone know btw if Andrew Pearce/Pierce? still presents for them.
Now that man truly is horrendous!

SavoirFlair · 12/10/2022 08:35

Can we please post topics where they belong @Skullduggeryfizz ?

HalfwomanHalfcookie · 12/10/2022 08:41

Thread monitor alert.

newnamethanks · 12/10/2022 08:41

Lay off Ferrari, he understands his job and is one of the best and most acute broadcasters. Although he does get a bit much, and we couldn't differ more politically, there are other channels.

Kendodd · 12/10/2022 08:43

I agree, he's awful.
I remember when he said he didn't care about black babies dying. A listener was brilliant and pulled him up on it a few days later, NF (appropriate initials) sounded very uncomfortable.
Still, at least LBC got rid of nasty little racist Nigel Farage.

newnamethanks · 12/10/2022 08:45

Andrew Pearce, on the other hand, utterly dreadful. One opinion that comes straight from CCHQ. Lose him as soon as you like, waste of listening time.

SavoirFlair · 12/10/2022 08:47

HalfwomanHalfcookie · 12/10/2022 08:41

Thread monitor alert.

Well, what’s the AIBU?

HalfwomanHalfcookie · 12/10/2022 09:07

SavoirFlair There isn't one, but it's a thread inviting others to agree or disagree with the OP, which to me, is as good as.

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