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To be terrified my 13 year DD has cerebral palsy years after a brain injury?

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Whatdoiknow1 · 11/10/2022 19:07

Sudden joint problems have started
Clonus spotted by the physio
I’ve made the mistake of googling and cerebral palsy is linked to a brain injury with clonus and joint problems

would this show up nearly 13 years after a brain injury that happened as a baby?

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Am I being unreasonable?

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livealatte · 11/10/2022 19:09

Dont you have another thread about this?

amabilia · 11/10/2022 19:11

No, it wouldn't. Signs would have been present immediately and over the past decade.

whydoesitalwayshappentome · 11/10/2022 19:20

I read your other thread on this. Probably best not to Google things if it is worrying you. Speak to the physio etc.

It would be seen far earlier than 13, and I say that with a son who has cerebral palsy.

BirmaBrite · 11/10/2022 19:28

I think it would be highly unlikely for a child to develop cerebal palsy 13 years after a brain injury, especially one that they made a full recovery from.

If I were you I would be asking the physio who used the term 'clonus' to explain exactly what they mean in relation to your child's joint movement. It may be that they are using it as a term to describe something that is different to whatever you have googled ?

Whatdoiknow1 · 11/10/2022 19:41

I’m sorry I don’t know how to find my thread that’s why I started a new one

I’m not seeing that physio again - it was for an assessment and the next appt isn’t until December with another physiotherapist

im just really worried

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PyongyangKipperbang · 11/10/2022 20:07

My son has CP, diagnosed at a year old after symptoms that became apparant from within a few weeks of birth. Same with my cousins son who was born with CP a few months later.

I would suggest you ask for a referral to a Paediatrician if you are genuinely worried, but really, no it wont be CP.

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