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Worried about husband

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badgersass · 11/10/2022 10:21

Dh had a vasectomy a few weeks ago. Recovering well apart from the predictable moaning but over the past couple of days he has mentioned he's noticed blood in his wee and also in his semen.

I have nagged him into phoning the doctor and we are waiting on a call back but in the meantime are there any MN husbands who have had similar symptoms in the weeks following a vasectomy? It's the wee that's bothering me as I didn't think the two areas were linked. Also got a history of bladder issues/cancer in the family (my side not his) so im naturally freaking out a bit.

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123becauseicouldntthinkofone · 11/10/2022 10:28

Definitely push to get checked out as it doesn't look like a normal side effect more of a complication.

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