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Does anyone else feel like this

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Ydkiml · 11/10/2022 07:00

Hi , can anyone understand or relate to how I’m feeling. I’m a wife and mother and I’m finding life so hard to keep up . Like I’m permanently on a super fast hamster wheel . Ive felt like this for ages but now I feel it’s moved into a different level ! I feel like I’m not existing in the real world . Nothing feels real anymore. Nothing feels like I’m in that moment . I can go somewhere and I’m present with my body but my mind isn’t . There’s no real substance to life anymore. For instance, we went to the beach at the weekend for a walk , my body was there but I’m not . I havnt got one particular thing that’s worrying me . Just stress of general life . I desperate for some advice as I feel my children are growing up fast and life is passing us so quickly and I can’t get in the moment. Help .

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Cleanplates · 11/10/2022 07:02

Yes I know the feeling. We moved here 10 years ago and I don’t feel like it’s real/ I live here. I don’t actually feel like I exist it’s wierd.

Ydkiml · 11/10/2022 07:03

Exactly that , I don’t feel like I exist ☹️

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AnuSTart · 11/10/2022 07:05

It sounds like you're disassociating which is a symptom of depression and/or anxiety.
I had this for a couple of years and it was horrible.
I would seriously suggest that you speak with your doctor or think about having talking therapy. You are stressed and it will stay unless you do something to get better.
I had CBT and saw anxiety nurses for a few months and although I didn't realise at the time that it was helping it really did.
I am sorry you feel bad.

AnuSTart · 11/10/2022 07:09

Sorry dissociation, not disassociation

Vallmo47 · 11/10/2022 07:13

I agree with previous poster, when I felt like that I had sky high anxiety and depression. Do you ever feel like a caged animal Op? I used to feel like I desperately needed to do something, while doing something that I then couldn’t finish. I’d start a task and sit in a pile of clothes for example and then burst into desperate sobs because it overwhelmed me so very much. I’d walk into a room, see what needed doing, panic and walk out. I’d even pace the room like a lion, entirely restless and unable to
Please seek medical advice, explain what’s going on and see what they can suggest. To end on a positive- I got treated and have never felt that way away, and coming off medication wasn’t too bad either. It’s definitely worth looking into- for anything else you would. You break an arm and you get seen. You have a burst cyst, you agree to operate to remove it. With mental health it’s the same - get the help, it’s out there.

Ydkiml · 11/10/2022 07:45

What type of medication did you take ? I’ve never took antidepressants before as I don’t like the thought of them .

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Toloveandtowork · 11/10/2022 07:50

I think that can be the experience of motherhood for lots of women as the years go by. Years of self sacrifice and putting others first 24/7 does a lot of damage to a person. It is silent and unseen.

Definitely therapy might help so you can regain a sense of self.

Ydkiml · 11/10/2022 09:48

Thankyou for your responses I will consider them all . I totally agree with the above comment. I have lost my identity completely and I do suffer with anxiety . Im not sure if I’m depressed as I compare myself to when I was rock bottom depressed and it’s not that bad , I just feel like I’m surreal . My mind doesn’t connect with the place , situation, conversation. Writing this has made me realise I am probably depressed and need some help . I do think social media , emails, appointments, school newsletters, events, etc which I carry around with me on my phone doesn’t help . I can’t jump off the hamster wheel and relax . Makes you feel I’m getting life all wrong ! Crackers isn’t it . Seeing on fb everyone doing loads of stuff , having fun , living the dream (all false( holidays (my goodness if I see one more ‘airport pint’ post I’m deleting them forever 😆) makes me down . Does anyone else feel this way . Maybe I should delete all social media and see if this helps !

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