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To just hang out in one of the council run warm banks to stay warm?!

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Breastfeedingworries · 10/10/2022 22:55

Okay so I’ve posted about this and no takers so I’m coping it all over. (My lack of catchy title)

I’m just feeling really shocked about this. How awful it would be for people.

I Wish we could pay into a fund to support these charities, mumsnet could help! If we banded together, we could make a massive difference to the lives of ourselves and so many.

if anyone knows more about the situation or works for any of the charities. How can we help?

“Food banks, warm banks, postcode lotteries, people dying in ambulances waiting for hours outside hospitals, people considering suicide because they don’t know how they’ll heat their homes – all of this has been ‘normalised’ in a country where the government has prioritised profits, especially the profits of the energy corporations, over the money we need for our households and for services.”

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Kite22 · 10/10/2022 23:35

Someone linked to a charity in a recent thread, where they were going to donate their £400 payment, encouraging others to do the same.

Here is thread and the charity she suggested was The Fuel Bank Foundation
Someone also suggested National Energy Action

Then, if you know of somewhere local to you, you could approach them and ask how to help. Many Churches are setting up Warm Places of Welcome, so you could donate toward the Church's cost in putting this on - I am sure it will be greatly appreciated.
Or one of the many Churches and other community cafes that are serving hot meals once a week either free, Pay as you go, or for a subsidised rate.

Or of course donate to somewhere like Crisis, or the Trussell Trust or your own local food bank as there will clearly be a huge crossover between folk not affording heating and folk not affording enough food.

My instinct is to approach one of the local Churches or community groups who are opening up one ot two days a week and ask them how you can donate to their heating costs and other associated costs (toilet paper, soap, cleaning, drinks etc) in opening their buildings for folk.

CherryGenoa · 11/10/2022 00:01

People will die this winter or cost the NHS a fortune die to the effects of living in a cold damp home because they cannot afford to put their heating on. Many are too disabled or too depressed to travel to a public place to warm up.

According to research, disabled and some elderly people will need substantial help with bills in the short term, and improved home insulation in the longer term. The BMA is predicting carnage in hospitals this winter.

Warm banks give the impression of something being done whilst facilitating Liz Truss and her fascist cronies.

sandytooth · 11/10/2022 07:06

If you're cold then yes do go and warm up

Ragwort · 11/10/2022 07:17

If you want to get involved then find out what resources are available locally and get involved to help, as PPs have stated, many churches are opening their doors to provide a warm space and hot drinks etc.

MinervaTerrathorn · 11/10/2022 07:24

Are you saying are you unreasonable to pay into a fund for warm banks and then use them yourself rather than put the money on your own heating costs? Title and content don't match otherwise. I wouldn't go to that extreme, if you need it, use it, but if I had the money I'd use my own heating.

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