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To think that people should just bloody well stuck to what they are good at?

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ColinRobinsonsfamiliar · 10/10/2022 19:59

I am an old lady.
I am.
im an old lady with few pleasures in life.
One of my only true pleasures is music.
Specifically the Foo Fighters.
Saw then in the glorious flesh a couple of years ago, live.
Ruined only by a young chap who was 6 feet tall with the biggest Afro you have ever seen. Completely blocking my view of Dave. Dave, my main man. Dave my crush.

So why on Gods green earth did he think that making a horror film was a good idea?
I refer to Studio 666.

Come on.
Dave, just do what you were put on earth to do. Make music.

Im not angry. No, not angry, just disappointed.

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Am I being unreasonable?

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You are being unreasonable
You are NOT being unreasonable
Dailymash · 10/10/2022 20:03

I’ve not seen it but I’ve read reviews and would rather my feelings towards Dave remain untainted.


ColinRobinsonsfamiliar · 10/10/2022 20:04

Wise words.
I only wish that I had read reviews first too.

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PanPacificBallroomChampion · 10/10/2022 20:07
  1. how tall are you?
  2. standing or seated ticket?
  3. could it become a so bad it’s good classic?

I feel like I have to watch it now 🤘
ColinRobinsonsfamiliar · 10/10/2022 20:09
  1. 5ft 1.
  2. Standing just outside the mosh pit.
  3. No. No it’s just very very bad.

    Dont ruin Dave for yourself.

    Leave well alone.

    Tis shocking.
OP posts:
ColinRobinsonsfamiliar · 10/10/2022 20:10

Taylor though. 😭

OP posts:
TheLoupGarou · 10/10/2022 20:12

I thought it was pretty funny, in a daft, evil dead kind of way. Made me sad to watch it knowing Taylor is dead for real though.

DeltaAlphaDelta79 · 10/10/2022 20:14

I was trying to decide whether to watch it or, but i think you have made the decision for me. Thank you, but I am sorry you bad to suffer 😭

ColinRobinsonsfamiliar · 10/10/2022 20:18

I’m 55 minutes in and never would I have ever thought that I want to switch him off.

Consider my words… Switch. Dave. Grohl. OFF. OFF.

OP posts:
ColinRobinsonsfamiliar · 10/10/2022 20:19

Thats where I’m at.

OP posts:
PanPacificBallroomChampion · 10/10/2022 20:19

ColinRobinsonsfamiliar · 10/10/2022 20:09

  1. 5ft 1.
  2. Standing just outside the mosh pit.
  3. No. No it’s just very very bad.

    Dont ruin Dave for yourself.

    Leave well alone.

    Tis shocking.

I’m 5’7” and always get the tallest person at the gig standing in front of me so at 5’1” you never stood a chance. Went to the Taylor Hawkins tribute at Wembley it was amazing but could only get seated but as it was 6 hours that was ok. I will take your warning on board but surely it can’t ruin Dave? If you want your love of Dave to be reinstated watch this

ColinRobinsonsfamiliar · 10/10/2022 20:25


OP posts:
ColinRobinsonsfamiliar · 10/10/2022 20:25

Just not as an actor.
Neither are the other Foos.

OP posts:
TrainspottingWelsh · 10/10/2022 20:29

I don’t want to watch it either, but yabu to even hint that anything he’s done isn’t perfect. Even if it’s true, keep it to yourself, it’s akin to publicly insulting your children.
It’s ok to be less than impressed with other celebrities but leave the God out of it.

Also yabu to complain about your view being blocked when you could have just pogoed past him and got in the pit.

ColinRobinsonsfamiliar · 10/10/2022 20:34

I know.
I feel ashamed and completely out of fucking order.

The man is indeed God like.

But falls a wee bit short.

OP posts:
ColinRobinsonsfamiliar · 10/10/2022 20:36

My kids are dicks compared to Dave.

Afro boy. I did consider parting that magnificent hair on behalf of fans behind. But only had 2 hair clips with me. That hair required many many more. And a suitabl comb.

OP posts:
TrainspottingWelsh · 10/10/2022 21:05

Only God like? like?

That’s blasphemy. Are you insane?

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