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Anxiety about work

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scotlandcountry · 09/10/2022 23:00

I feel overwhelming anxious about work. I always have done. I don't know what it is caused by but I need help. I WFH so I don't understand the issue anymore. I hate feeling this anxious

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PeaceLily2000 · 09/10/2022 23:19

Sorry you are feeling this way. I dealt with workplace anxiety for many years much of which was caused by the people and culture of that workplace.
Have you tried to understand what in particular makes you anxious and when these feelings arise? Is it linked to particular tasks, certain people? Feelings of perfectionism or imposter syndrome?
It might be worth seeing if you can identify what is making you feel so anxious and seek to help to work though it.
For me, I moved companies and the situation massively improved. It took a while to realise that I was treated really poorly which impacted my self esteem.

CatchYouOnTheFlippetyFlop · 09/10/2022 23:25

I have work anxiety and can't sleep due to thinking about going in tomorrow.

I used to love my job, big time. But very sadly, my lovely, kind, awesome boss passed away and he has been replaced by the devil incarnate due to nepotism.

My whole job and working life has changed and I feel sick about tomorrow.

Cw112 · 10/10/2022 00:59

Can you try to write down some of your anxieties around work to see if there's a pattern that emerges around what is causing the anxiety? Is it pressures you're putting on yourself, pressures from other people or the workload itself. I'd also say wfh can be tough because you miss the supportive element of an office - people to debrief with around stressful times, someone to ask questions to that you know well and people to have a laugh and a good social rapport with- you lose a lot of that when it's just you at home by yourself. I'd also consider your working boundaries, do you start and finish at the times you're meant to, do you have a designated work space that you don't need to look at all the time (ideally in a spare room you can close the door on) or is it the case where if you need to work from your living or bedroom could you set up a clear desk system so at the end of the day there's nothing left sitting out that's work related so it can leave your mind easier. I'd also say when I wfh I found that I was less appreciative of when I was ready to take annual leave and would have worked through days I'd otherwise have maybe been off sick because I was "only" wfh rather than going into the office. So book your leave regularly throughout the year, if you work up overtime take it back and try to rebalance your work and social life. If you can work out what things are bothering you, I'd arrange a meeting with your manager to discuss how you can work around this and how they can support you. If it's reached the point of burnout you need to speak to your gp.

scotlandcountry · 11/10/2022 12:06

Thanks for the replies everyone. I get anxious about having to speak to colleagues and I have a huge fear of losing my job, I don't know why, I do my job as best as I can but I worry about losing it because I can't do it and then not being able to get another on working from home

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