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To think there's no way Robbi cheated? (For any poker players out there)

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Twiz5218 · 09/10/2022 22:15

Any poker players following this story?

Link here (to Yahoo news)

There are reams and reams being written about it on Twitter and Reddit, and a formal investigation has been launched.

But how on Earth can she have cheated? Robbi called a raise, and called Garrett's all in, when there were cards to come. When she called the all in after the turn, all Garrett needed was a club, a Jack, or a six, in the two river cards and he'd have beaten her. If she's cheating, it's not a very good strategy without all of the communal cards being revealed.

I am not saying it was great play, and I'm not sure I'd have gambled, but that is what poker is - a gamble. She gambled and she won. And then Garrett become so annoyed that she didn't do what he expected her to do that he and the producer pulled her into the corridor and told her she had to give half of the winnings back.

AIBU to think she gambled and it paid off, and that Garrett (and many Reddit and Twitter men) just can't accept that a woman beat a man by calling his bluff?

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