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Heating temperature theory

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Cattytabby · 08/10/2022 23:19

I know we all love a good heating thread and people are worried about switching the thermostat on. I want to test a theory. If you are always cold in winter and need the central heating on high were you born in the summer? DS has a theory that it depends when you were born to how much you feel the cold. He was born in December and wears shorts and a t-shirt and is too hot in the house! I think he'd have the radiators taken out if he could.
Yabu - month of birth not relevant
Yanbu - born in summer, need it hot. Born in winter, need it cold.

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Am I being unreasonable?

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You are NOT being unreasonable
Talipesmum · 08/10/2022 23:20

My DS is born in summer and is exactly the same with T-shirts and shorts. I think a lot of kids are!

TheSausageKingofChicago · 08/10/2022 23:21

Nope. I’m a Christmas baby and really feel the cold. I hate it. It’s like actual pain. I’ve got better as the years go by, through successive skintness and coping strategies but I’m not naturally accustomed to the cold.

Stade197 · 08/10/2022 23:23

I was born in July and hate the heat, I love the colder winter months

CryCeratops · 08/10/2022 23:26

DH and I were born at the same time of year, and our heating preferences are hugely different.
I like it cold, he likes it hot.

luxxlisbon · 08/10/2022 23:27

Nope, born in the dead of winter in a very norther part of the UK. Still feel the cold very easily.

Libre2 · 08/10/2022 23:28

I was born in autumn. I don’t mind hot or cold - I don’t really like grey drizzle though and I hate the dark nights of winter. Does that help with the theory or not?!

Thriwit · 08/10/2022 23:31

Both DH and I were born mid-December. I loathe the cold and don’t cope at all well with it; he loves the cold but hates the heat.

TheTeddyBears · 08/10/2022 23:31

That theory is load of rubbish 😂 born October and I'm forever cold! Hate winter time I love the summer.

CheesyBeans1 · 08/10/2022 23:37

I love the theory. It shows you are thinking. But it doesn't ring true. Sorry.

Cattytabby · 08/10/2022 23:42

Oh dear, it's not looking promising. Thing is, it seems to run true with my family, and friends. I'm waiting on more answers. Jury's still out.

OP posts:
PrincessButtercupToo · 08/10/2022 23:45

DH was born in the autumn in the nkrth of England in a house where they had ice inside the windows in the winter and whether this is an effect of that or not he simply doesn’t seem to notice the cold. I’ll be under our 14 tog quilt and he’ll be sleeping nude on top of it and asking if he can open the windows.

Novum · 08/10/2022 23:52

Born in winter. Definitely feel the cold.

Elphame · 08/10/2022 23:54

January baby here and I'm always cold...

Luana1 · 08/10/2022 23:54

I'm summer born and l prefer being cold and hardly ever put the heating on, DH is winter born and also is fine with being a bit cold 🤷🏻‍♀️

HighlandPony · 08/10/2022 23:54

Nope. Summer baby. Love the cold. I’m a flip flops in November type lass. I’m also Scottish and highland and open water swimmer so maybe that’s why.

Morph22010 · 08/10/2022 23:58

I was born in November and have always felt the cold. Mum has pics of me in bed as child wrapped up in pyjamas, dressing gown, then covers on top. My brother (born in Dec) and lived in same house was always hot in bed as child and wore short pyjamas and still sweated. As I 40 something woman I am finally feeling less cold

iwishihadabox · 08/10/2022 23:58

I was born summer 76 heatwave and I'm rarely cold. I wear sandals 95% of the year and don't even own a coat. I am autistic and struggle with anything over 18 or so degrees. DH is happed up in his dressing gown and slippers just now and I have cropped pj bottoms and a t shirt on!!

XDownwiththissortofthingX · 09/10/2022 00:02

How does your DS account for the fact the planet has both a northern and southern hemisphere, and therefore people born on the exact same date can be born in both deep winter and mid summer?

Cattytabby · 09/10/2022 00:14

Down - well that still works. It wouldn't be the month they were born, but the season that was relevant.

OP posts:
Cattytabby · 09/10/2022 00:15

Not that the theory is right, according to you lot! 😀

OP posts:
GlamGiraffe · 09/10/2022 00:18

This has long been my hypothesis. There will always be outliers outside the normal deviatiotions but I reckon there's truth to it! (Depending on climate of birth and up bringing of course)

Vegay · 09/10/2022 00:29

I was born in February and hate the cold. Not worn shorts and a t-shirt since beginning of September. Dp was born in July, and he was wrapped up this evening too. Don't think there is a correlation between month of birth and feeling the cold. I don't think your OH has a point 🤣

XDownwiththissortofthingX · 09/10/2022 00:36

Cattytabby · 09/10/2022 00:14

Down - well that still works. It wouldn't be the month they were born, but the season that was relevant.

True, but that wasn't really what I was getting at.

For your DS's theory to hold true, it would also follow that people born around the Tropics, where it is more or less temperate the year round, would neither feel too hot or too cold in most circumstances. The same would also be true of people born around the equinoxes, given that they are mid-season.

I don't think season is in any way relevant, because there are far too many contradictory examples and grey areas like the above, but I do think humans get used to the temperatures they live in as a matter of course, and take a while to acclimatise to different ambients. Tourists in Scotland at the height of summer tend to still be wearing anoraks and gloves while the locals are practically naked.

PissedOffNeighbour22 · 09/10/2022 00:47

Me and DP are summer born, both feel the cold easily. My brothers were born in December and January and both wear shorts and t-shirts all the time.

Leemoe · 09/10/2022 00:49

I'm a Christmas baby and cannot stand the cold, the dark or the winter at all.

Much happier come April, preferably June and utterly miserable from november- february

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