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To worry getting a better paid job will make me worse off?

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BackOnceAgainWith · 08/10/2022 17:06

I'm currently job hunting and think I have a chance with some jobs quite a bit better paid than my current one

Next year I'm finally gonna divorce my DH. He's a lazy pig and isn't ever going to change.

I'm work full time, do all the housework, child stuff, mental load.

I also put in all the equity in our home. £250k I am v fortunate that I had managed to save a chunk of that (before meeting DH) and the rest I won (v lucky of me - long story - before i met DH too).

If I earn more money he's gonna be able to get more of that equity of the house right? I'm not trying to be horrible but he hasn't contributed much at all these last years and it's gonna bloody hurt.

I'm spending my evenings trying to get a new job to make sure I can support my DC by myself. But a solicitor made me feel like the better I do for myself, the more will go to him to ensure the housing situation is equal

AIBU to stop hunting for new work to keep more equity? Is that some horrible tactic used by selfish men?

Should I just keep trying to better myself and our kids lives and just accept what will be and just hand him the cash when the time comes? He earns 25% of what I do so I could really be screwing myself to increase this gap?

Any advice?

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