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To ask for help fixing my baby monitor?

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Justworkplease · 08/10/2022 05:41

Not AIBU, sorry but I’m at my wits end with it 😬

It’s the BT Smart with 5” Screen.

It keeps loosing signal between the parent unit and camera. I’ve been up 5 or 6 times overnight fixing it. DS sleeps with white noise on so there’s constant noise from the parent unit. I keep waking up because the noise is coming and going from the parent unit and then within 20 seconds or so it completely disconnects and loses all signal.
I then have to go to his room, switch the camera off at the wall, wait for it all to reconnect and then there’s no sound at all. I’m then having to switch it on and off until the sound comes back.

Any ideas? We had to send 2 back at the start because they were faulty but we’ve used this one for 18m and the connection has been fine. We moved house a week ago but had no issues since and we’re in rooms next door to each other (much closer than the old house!) so I don’t think the signal should be dropping!

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chocopuffs · 08/10/2022 05:53

Hmm I was about to say send it back but then saw the rest of your post. We had a BT video monitor (not sure if it's the same one) and had to send three back, two of them for this reason. They just told us they were faulty but it did seem odd that two had the same problem when they're so well reviewed. We bought a Motorola in the end and it's been much better.

Back to your problem, I'm not really sure other than making sure the aerial is up for maximum signal. It does sound like a fault though. Is it a wifi one? We found the wifi still worked when the parent unit didn't.

Justworkplease · 08/10/2022 06:11

@chocopuffs Yeah it’s a smart one so works through the parent unit or through an app.
Does your Motorola have parent unit and app?

We bought the BT because of all the rave reviews but this is number 3 for us (first 2 went back within 2 weeks each because the battery was only lasting 30 mins in the parent unit!) so I’m really disappointed with it.

Aerial is definitely up full. I didn’t think to check the app when the parent unit wasn’t working for some unknown reason 😂 I’ll send an email to BT and see what they say as it was bought directly through them.
Last time they wanted me to send it back, wait for them to receive it then they’d send a replacement - apparently a 3 week process for BT 🤯 so I ended up just having to order a new one and deal with them for a refund.

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chocopuffs · 08/10/2022 06:14

Yes ours has an app but tbh I can never get it to work so gave up - I got through so many baby monitors I couldn't be bothered to try another!

Yes we had the same issue! I was so annoyed being out of pocket for a second monitor while waiting for a refund for the first, but it seemed to be the only option they could offer.

Skiingwithgin · 08/10/2022 06:53

We have the older none app version and have this issue occasionally. Turning on and off usually resolves it

FTM2022SS · 08/10/2022 07:07

No help with your model sorry but we have the Hubble Connected and it's fab - app and parent monitor, and you don't hear the white noise from the baby's room, just when the baby makes an actual movement/noise which I personally prefer! Cannot fault it in the slightest 6 months of use to far!

Justworkplease · 08/10/2022 09:43

@chocopuffs @Skiingwithgin I wouldn’t usually bother with the app myself but DH works away for weeks at a time and has no phone signal during his (long) working day so there’s many days he doesn’t get to phone and check in. He likes to be able to pop on and have a wee check in at DS when he gets in from work during the night.
Turning it off and on again at the plug on the camera unit does seem to resolve the connection issue but usually leaves me with no sound and it’s then another 10/15 mins faffing around trying to resolve that issue. Has happened once or twice over the last 18m but 4/5 times last night was enough to tip me over the edge 😅

@FTM2022SS That sounds promising!! I’ll have a look 😊 thank you!

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