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16yr old son and Weed!!!

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stressedmumof5 · 08/10/2022 00:25

My son told me about 8 months ago he tried weed...ok I wasn't pleased obviously but I tried to understand, asked him why he did it etc he said he feels anxious etc (which he has history of) and it made him feel relaxed. I told him I wasn't happy about it and I'd rather he didn't use that as ab answer but I didn't go overboard with judging him etc...well things have escalated..he's gone from smoking it occasionally to smoking most days...then it gets worse, he's started to hang around with some boys that I'm sure are dealing it.
Well the other night I hear from my daughter that my son sold £10 worth of weed to my daughters friend.
I confronted my son and asked what it was about etc.
he said it was a one off because he had it on him. I don't believe him. I think he was asked to sell it on behalf of someone else.
I feel like my son is being groomed, he thinks these people are his friends but I know they aren't.
Whet do I do???
We are quite an open family in terms of talking about stuff (or shouting) I just need to find a way to get through to my son before he goes too far...if anyone has any experience or advice PLEASE help me

OP posts:
HowdoIrespond · 22/08/2023 16:16

Just seen this. Probably too late to offer advice, and tbh, we thought we'd done everything right and we've just found out our dd is smoking weed, so I'm not sure what advice I could offer that would help.

@stressedmumof5 How are things now?

IfICantHaveYou · 22/08/2023 16:43

Grooming....county lines....slippery slope.

Go in hard on him is my advice!

Lauryn95 · 23/08/2023 14:37

I used to smoke it when I was his age daily for my anxiety and stress having adhd ,i smoked it daily for years and I was very naughty so delved into other things and hung with the wrong crowd and did sell it too ,Weed isn't really apart of the county lines thing and they don't use 16 year olds they use younger kids so I wouldn't worry about that and 10 pound isn't alot at all so I wouldn't imagine he's a dealer (most dealers don't sell quantities that small it usually starts at £30) so I wouldn't worry too much that he's dealing, it does sound like he sold his personal stash if that gives you any comfort at all ,I would be pissed though and smoking often with no tolerance break will make his anxiety worse and become an addiction, speaking from experience he needs to get off it before he does end up selling it to cover his own habit because the more you smoke the more you need and the more it costs so selling it means you get it for free. E.g dealer says he'll sell you an ounce which is cheaper so you split and sell 3 quarters of an ounce and keep some for yourself I'd research the benefits to understand why he's doing it from his perspective and then explain to him you dont like it. Weed is a fantastic medicine if you need it but it does stunt your growth smoking it that young and most people smoke the wrong strains and more than the dose they need which effects the brain very negatively ,It does and will cause him to feel worse anxiety especially if he's smoking every day ,It will stop him from being able to relax without it ,it is addictive and ruins your appetite, it also causes memory loss and any ex chronic smoker will tell you the same thing ,Weed can be great but nearly everyone abuses it and it does negatively effect you long term ,just try to get him to see from a future perspective. The issue Is though if he's sought it out for mental reasons not just recreational if he stops it'll likely lead to him trying to self medicate in other ways ,even if this is regular smoking, vaping other drugs etc usually people who start doing something like this to help themselves have addictive tendencies as they're actively looking for a break through substances ,Again I have alot of experience with it and would be real angry if it was my son but at the same time been where he is before

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