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How do you go NC with parents without all the guilt?

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missbipolar · 07/10/2022 20:48

So for as long as I can remember my parents have always tried to guilt trip me into things they feel "reflect badly" on them, I wasn't allowed to pick my subjects in school and when I didn't do the best (although did pass and get enough for university entrance) they spent months telling me I was disappointment, when I dropped out of uni because I wasn't happy they told me I would never go anywhere in life, when I got married my mother refused to share any photos saying I looked fat and there's many other examples.

I have a little sister who's alot younger then me so I've always kept contact for her sake. But she's now old enough for us to have our own relationship without them. I want to go NC as I've had enough of how they make me feel, I get so worked up when I have to talk to them. But I feel so guilty when I think of going NC, so how do you go NC and deal with the feelings of guilt?

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Badgergirl123 · 07/10/2022 21:18

You do it, then realise you should have done it long before. The distance helps you see them even more for what they are. No regrets.

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