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Askinforabaskin · 07/10/2022 18:39

Does anyone else just have that thing they put off and off?

My broadband package has really been bugging me lately, and I have been meaning for months to phone up and get money off or cancel. For context it was at £39 a month, whereas a new customer for the exact same package was £22. The supplier basically hold us ransom as they are they only provider who can give us a decent speed (fingers crossed full fibre from Openreach will be here soon).

What really annoyed me today was my partner got a sales call from them asking to increase our package to £47 a month for 20 MB better speed and to fix the price for 2 years.

Queue me know phoning them up in a rage with the intention of cancelling and just utilising a hot spot on our phones. I was passed from pilar to post until I eventually got through to the disconnection team (actually starting to crap myself thinking I’d have to cancel and have no broadband). I then got offered a deal with exact same package fixed for 18 months at £27 which I gladly took. Which is saving us over £150 a year.

I know it’s no revolutionary, and for most people it won’t scratch the surface in these horrible times. But it’s made my week, and at the end of the day I’d rather that money was is in peoples pockets rather than these providers.

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ScottishLavender · 07/10/2022 18:45

I hear your words! I have a credit card that I've never used and need to cancel the agreement so it's not seen as a line of credit.

I know it's just a phone call and instead I keep saying "naaaa, I'll phone tomorrow instead"

since mid 2020. 🫣

Darbs76 · 07/10/2022 18:45

I’ve got a big list of stuff like this I really need to sort out!

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