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I'm currently in hospital..

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pumpkinspiceallthingsnice · 07/10/2022 16:01

Waiting for a flexible sigmoidoscopy (camera up the bum) I'm so scared.
AIBU to ask for a handhold? Anyone had one before? Does it hurt?

OP posts:
LadyGardenersQuestionTime · 07/10/2022 16:04

Handhold. Have never had one, but I'm guessing it's needed and (TMI warning) I believe the camera is pretty small, let's say smaller than some things people put up their bum for pleasure. Can they offer you a little sedation?

Threadkillacilla · 07/10/2022 16:05

It doesn't hurt. Have you got piles?

MeowMeowPowerRangers · 07/10/2022 16:06

It really doesn't hurt. You'll be fine. Smile

Untitledsquatboulder · 07/10/2022 16:09

Is that the same thing as a colonoscopy? If so, I've had loads and I find the idea of it is worse than the reality (and taking clean prep is worse than both- if you don't know what clean prep is then rejoice).

Because I am a control freak I always say no to sedation but most people find it helpful. If you are also a control freak then they can give you a shot of pain killers without sedation, but it's not really painful ime, just uncomfortable as they pump air in to inflate the bowel.

nannybeach · 07/10/2022 16:12

Have had both, uncomfortable as most people would expect a smear to be. I know, easier said than done,but try to relax. At least you (presumably) won't have you colleagues looking and the consultant saying "don't I know you"?

rubyslippers · 07/10/2022 16:13

Have the gas and air
plus sedation if offered
youll be fine

maddening · 07/10/2022 16:14

Doesn't hurt at all, you will be fine

JustDanceAddict · 07/10/2022 16:19

I had a colonoscopy recently / the prep worse than the procedure! I was sedated but v lightly as was still a bit uncomfortable- but no worse than a smear.
good luck!

funtycucker · 07/10/2022 16:24

pumpkinspiceallthingsnice · 07/10/2022 16:01

Waiting for a flexible sigmoidoscopy (camera up the bum) I'm so scared.
AIBU to ask for a handhold? Anyone had one before? Does it hurt?

I had one done a few months ago and having a gastroscopy was a lot more unpleasant

cymrumam · 07/10/2022 16:28

The prep is far worse than the procedure

rainbowsandmagpies · 07/10/2022 16:29

I've never had one, but as a nurse I've had countless patients who have. Every single one of them has said that it wasn't as bad as they expected. Let the team know you're feeling anxious and they'll help you out, a kindly nurse or hca might even hold your hand for you ❤️

Afterfire · 07/10/2022 16:33

Well it wasn’t the most fun I’ve ever had in my life but it was okay ❤️😁 you’ll be fine. The prep is definitely worse than the thing!

Idiotintraining · 07/10/2022 16:34

Omg I am feeling the same thing as I have to have the procedure on the day my mum died. Hope yours goes well x

Sniffypete · 07/10/2022 16:35

Last time I had one done the nurse asked if I wanted her to hold my hand. I said yes please! Definitely more uncomfortable than painful. The bloat after is horrible! You'll have some epic farts.

scarletisjustred · 07/10/2022 16:38

I have a minor heart condition and I couldn't have the muscle relaxant they used. No sedative either. It really wasn't that bad. Thin prep was awful though.

SpidersAreShitheads · 07/10/2022 16:43

I’ve had one - the prep is the worst part!!!

I can remember the doctor telling me that I might feel that I need to poo but that’s just because there’s a camera up your bum and your body wants to expel it. So that was reassuring as I was ready for that sensation.

I remember rushing to the nearest bathroom afterwards and letting out an absolute EXPLOSION of rip-roaring farts. It’s just where they pump the gas in you to look at your bowel properly.

Having relieved myself I opened the bathroom door - it was a ward bathroom and there was a row of elderly patients in beds just staring at me in stunned silence 😂😂😂 I hadn’t noticed where I was when the nurse led me to the closest free bathroom as I was just desperate to get to the toilet. So that was fun 😂😂

BadNomad · 07/10/2022 16:47

I had no issue with it at all. I watched it on the screen. It feels weird when they pump in a bit of air, but you don't actually feel anything specific. Sometimes a squeaky noise escapes 😅

The camera down the throat was traumatic, though. I'll take the bum one any day of the week over that.

ghostyslovesheets · 07/10/2022 16:53

I've had 4 colonoscopies - 3 with G+A and one with happy drugs - not nice but overall, not painful (I have a kink in one place that smarts a bit ), the drugs are better but I usually have to drive myself home. You'll be fine x

CharlotteRose90 · 07/10/2022 17:08

Nope they don’t hurt. I have them twice a year. Ask for sedation or gas and air whichever you prefer. You’ll most likely be given an enema Aswell before you go down. You’ll be fine,

33goingon64 · 07/10/2022 17:15

Procedures like this I try to think how grateful I am to live in a time when such procedures are available and that doctors know how to diagnose and cure so many illnesses. Compared to Tudor times when they'd pull your teeth with no anaesthetic. Makes me much calmer.

ohsuzannah · 07/10/2022 18:24

I've had this. It's not uncomfortable at all. The only thing that bothered me was, when he pulled the scope out, I felt as though I had poo'd myself ( I hadn't)
It was all over in seconds.
Good luck Smile

Gamingferretmum · 07/10/2022 18:32

Hi there. Long time lurker first time poster. I went in for a full colonoscopy 2 weeks ago today. I wasn't overly bothered by it to start off with but unfortunately I only ended up having a sigmoidoscopy as I was in too much pain to get round the top corner. I was told I have a very slim colon and I also have fibro which may have contributed to it. Not to scaremonger as I have friends who had no pain whatsoever but I was honestly in agony. They have it on my notes if I need a full one I should be more heavily sedated. I had gas and air plus fentanyl and midazolam. As soon as they let the air out and stopped trying to go up and found I was fine.. including them taking 8 biopsies.
Please do not be put off... I just wanted to share my experience. The nurses and Dr were amazing. I also didn't find the prep bad at all but then again up to that point I'd spent 3 months throwing up and explosive diarrhea so it wasn't much of a change to normal. Just make sure you drink loads!

Whoopsmahoot · 07/10/2022 19:21

take any drugs on offer. It does help.

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