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Earning potential & higher salaries

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Pineapplep · 07/10/2022 15:59

AIBU to be so shocked at people responses to earning high salaries (80K+). My take on it is some high earners especially those new to that kind of money are also time rich, always on the internet and gravitate to threads where money/salaries are the discussion. Even more so in London, New York or any other city where the cost of living is higher and typical city jobs have higher trajectories.
Once you earn that kind of money the next milestone would be over 100k so the reference made to 6-figures makes sense. To be blessed with that kind of money is an achievement and I can understand why people would humbly talk about it but I don’t understand why people get upset about it.
I am new to forums so maybe it’s a long standing annoyance.

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