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To feel conned

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Eth4455 · 07/10/2022 13:16

I’m looking for a general consensus of opinion here, can’t get through to citizens advice…

We had some roof/chimney repairs done recently which were quoted at £1900. Whilst the job was ongoing the guys left a gap in the slate overnight which led to water coming into our bedroom. Phoned them to make sure they were on the way back to start day 2 of works and make sure this was fixed. Whilst on the phone the company director (who did the quote) said oh the chimney is actually crumbling when we drill into it, we can make it water tight just now but you may need to replace some of the brick work in the near future but it should see you through the winter. He also mentioned a bit more slate than original quote and offered to paint the chimey after they resealed the crumbled parts. We supplied paint and he said ‘it’ll be a bit more but not much’ (cost wise).

We’ve now received an invoice for £3500! I was shocked, at no point was an 85% additional cost mentioned. The original quote has 20 slates, they ended up using 121 slates and most of the additional cost is slating. I would never have agreed to pay 2 guys to be on the roof doing slates when I have a roofer who would do it by himself for a fraction of the cost. I’ve spoken to the company owner and he’s basically agreeing to £2700 and telling me he won’t make any money, maybe lose money. I offered £2500 which he said no to originally and countered £2700.

I understand there were unforeseen extras but where do you draw the line with additional costs without requoting or even just mentioning it? I simply would not have agreed to the job at this price. When he quoted he didn’t go up on the roof, his mistake?!

The last thing I want to do is cheat anyone out of money or not pay for work but AIBU to think this is a bit much?

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