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To phone in sick?

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sandyveld · 07/10/2022 12:07

I have 2 DC’s, ones just turned 14 and my youngest is 5(6 in a few months), DP is currently working away and I'm due in work today 6pm-11:30pm, usually they go to a family members if I'm working and DP is away but unfortunately family member has covid so I don't want them going over there and catching it.

So if I went into work I’d have to leave eldest with youngest for a few hours and get him ready for bed, then sit with him until he fell asleep (they do share a room though so I think they'd be in there anyway) I would give them dinner before I left but I'm not sure if that'd be irresponsible so I'm looking for other peoples opinions really.

WIBU to phone in sick, or what would others do?

OP posts:

Hibernationsetting · 07/10/2022 15:19

cultkid · 07/10/2022 13:13

I know people will slaughter me for this but is the 14 year old a girl or boy?
Girls are more sensitive and sensible at this age. I used to babysit for these times at this age and had been doing so since I was 13, however a boy may not have the maturity yet. If you've never left them more than an hour before I wouldn't leave them alone at night on this occasion it's something you would need to leave someone with experience to do.

I agree with not using a babysitter you don't know. If you don't have any friends who could come over and watch tv and drink wine with a takeout that you pay for whilst you work I would tell work the reason why you can't come in, not just a vague childcare answer.

If you are going to lose your job over this or you need the money to pay bills which I'm guessing you do because it's not a pleasant time to be at work, I would actually say that I had covid.

Oh wow


Abra1t · 07/10/2022 15:21

If the older one is responsible and you have your mobile with you, on this occasion I'd leave them together.


TokenGinger · 07/10/2022 15:43

When I was 14, I was responsible for picking up my 6 year old brother from school, bringing him home and getting us both fed, before mum got home from work. Sometimes she'd work the late shift so I'd put him to bed, too.

I think if your 14 year old is responsible and reliable, they will be fine.


sandyveld · 07/10/2022 15:58

Yes, eldest is sensible and can be mature when he needs to be. He does put youngest to bed sometimes as he asks him to read him a story instead of me or DP

OP posts:

20viona · 07/10/2022 16:05

Go to work 14 year old can sort younger one out on this one off occasion surely.


girlmom21 · 07/10/2022 16:06

The absolute worst that'll happen is LO will refuse to go to bed and you'll have an overtired kid when you get home.

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