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'Celebrities' complaining about the economy

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Emotionalmessy · 07/10/2022 12:02

Firstly i want to just state i actually like stacey solomen however, a few days ago she posted about the cost of living going up and shes worried she might not be able to afford her multi million pound home etc and also asked how to gov/general public could get into such a state of financial difficulty. How this has been allowed to happen.

My AIBU is, she , along with thousands other celebrities constantly plug their products on social media. Every celebrity does this , if its social media, tv adverts, books, weight loss stuff etc etc the list is literally endless.

How can celebrities complain the economy is so shit when in fact, they are the ones who get rich from the little old general public. They havent helped the situation by pushing their own brands and products, the public (or a large percentage) buys them when they generally maybe cant afford to.

Am i the only one who see's this, and being shocked that they are complaining ? Poor you , in your million pound house complaining the general public are tightening their belts, can no longer afford your products so there for , you earn less (perhaps) to pay for your house and celeb lifestyle. Shes recently been to disney land , clearly cant be that worried unless disney land paid them ....

Rant over, thanks haha

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