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To book a private pelvic scan

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dressingGowndiva · 06/10/2022 21:14

I'm 33 and I've had weird symptoms for a while.

Bloating which doesn't go away - it started after I started taking the pill a few months after having my now 1 year old so I assumed it was that and changed to the non hormonal coil. No difference.

What I assume is acid reflux, it feels like water in the back of my throat.

Stomach pains

More recently needing to wee a lot even though I'm not drinking more. I usually have a bladder of steel but I've been going at least once an hour.

I don't have much money, am a single mother with 2 children but I'm so scared this could be ovarian cancer. GP more or less dismissed the idea and is wanting to look more down the route of it being a stomach of acid issue. It's £135 for a private pelvic scan. Is it silly of me to waste money I don't really have on one?
What's the likelihood of this being something sinister?

OP posts:
BonnieBairn · 06/10/2022 23:08

I can sympathise. I have had symptoms of OC for over 6months and a strong familial link to female cancers. Saw GP who ordered blood tests. The CA125 came back normal so because I'm under 50 they won't scan me. This is despite literature showing 50% of women with stage 1 or 2 OC have a normal CA125 level. I now have to take tablets for IBS for a month before they will consider further steps. If you are able to and can afford to have a private scan then I'd say it's worth it....I can even get that without being referred by a GP :(

lljkk · 06/10/2022 23:13

Obsessing about ovarian cancer is a bit random. There are dozens of scary & hundreds of not scary things it could be. The likelihood is strongly in favour of Not Scary things. GP is right to start with the most common diagnosis & see if treatment for that works.

When the scan doesn't find cancer you will still have symptoms & will start worrying it's some other awful thing.

Sorry, I'm voting YABU.

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