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To be utterly frustrated by trying to get a prescription

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Swg · 06/10/2022 09:38

After a couple of operations which sent my parathyroid gland on strike I went into severe calcium deficiency. I'm now on several prescriptions which provide calcium and help me digest calcium. These are not in any way the type of thing you get high on but are not common and the chemists usually need to order them. I know this so have been getting fresh prescriptions from my consultant way in advance. Unfortunately for my last appointment my son had covid so it was put bavk a few weeks.

Had an appointment Tuesday where my consultant said he was putting my prescription back to my doctor as he was passing me over to an oncologist. I expressed concern as I only had a few days pills left and I needed to get an order in. He laughed and said it would be fine. If there were any problems the Dr only needed to call him. No problem.

Yesterday I called his secretary to underline how much I need this prescription. She said sure, she'd try to get the letter out but it was only issued the day before. I said I know but I need the meds...

This morning I call my doctors. Still no letter through. Maybe the secretary could email them? Secretary phone gets answer phone. Called the main department number starting to get flustered and got a vague shrug and offer to put me back through to the answer phone, softened to a "I'll try to get hold of her" when she realised I was near tears in panic.

I have enough tablets to take me through to Saturday.

I know from experience the secretary only usually works mornings.

I cannot spend the morning tomorrow calling everyone or trying to find a chemist with a few tabs in because I have an oncologist appointment.

When my calcium has dropped previously it has ended with me in walk in on a drip or in one case hospitalised for multiple days.

I seriously feel as though we're sleep walking into me - yet again - needing expensive and resource intensive medical intervention for the sake of one prescription which could hsve been hand written on Tuesday if someone has listened.

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