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Catching a late train

20 replies

SunshineDay123 · 06/10/2022 02:13

My friend is getting married in a couple of weeks a couple of hours away from where I live.
I have booked a hotel (not paid) but have found trains that can get me to the wedding and then back home in the same day. My question is, is this safe to do as a woman travelling alone?

OP posts:
SunshineDay123 · 06/10/2022 02:15

Should mention I’m trying to save money as I’m skint!

OP posts:
BeserkGiraffe · 06/10/2022 02:18

I'm not sure anybody can tell you that. Will the train likely have lots of other people on? How about the station where you catch it, will you be waiting there alone late at night? And when you get back to your home station, will people be there?

To be honest it sounds like it would put a dampener on the day even if it is safe. To be clock-watching, to have to sit on a cold train with bright lights instead of finishing uo the evening with everyone else and going to bed at the hotel. If it was me I'd stay at the hotel, I can't see much benefit to a late night train home.

SunshineDay123 · 06/10/2022 02:20

both city’s are big city’s but you’re right it will put a dampener on the day. Just penny pinching due to the rising cost of everything

OP posts:
FictionalCharacter · 06/10/2022 02:35

I get late trains alone all the time and I don’t worry about it. It would make it a long tiring day though. And are you sure you wouldn’t have to pay for the hotel if you cancel?

SunshineDay123 · 06/10/2022 02:37

It's one where you pay on arrival or free 24 hour cancellation x

OP posts:
BeserkGiraffe · 06/10/2022 02:51

A friend getting married is worth celebrating and I wouldn't ruin my experience of the celebration over this. I'm sure if it's in a city there is somewhere reasonably close by that is affordable to stay?

Badgirlriri · 06/10/2022 03:09

Yes, it is safe. Stop letting fear rule your life.

RamblingFar · 06/10/2022 03:51

I've never really worried about what time it is with train journeys.

FindingMeno · 06/10/2022 03:57

I would get the late train and enjoy the day without worrying.

WeepingSomnambulist · 06/10/2022 03:59

I've never in my life wondered if it is safe to get a train just because it is late.

Is this his you live your life?

If you cant afford an overnight in the hotel then just get the train. Who cares?

LHReturns · 06/10/2022 04:06

Depends a bit on from where to where?

marcopront · 06/10/2022 04:35

LHReturns · 06/10/2022 04:06

Depends a bit on from where to where?

And also how you will get to and from the station.

garlictwist · 06/10/2022 05:22

It will be fine!

bodie1890 · 06/10/2022 05:33

I wouldn't recommend it but not really because of safety. Just practically, you will be clock watching all night, you'll have to watch how much you drink (if you drink), would you get changed before getting the train as well?

I just wouldn't be able to have a good time at a wedding with a train journey hanging over me like that.

Safety wouldn't be much of a concern though I would make sure I didn't drink much and change into casual clothes before leaving.

YellowTreeHouse · 06/10/2022 05:35

It’s a wedding. Just stay over.

Malfi · 06/10/2022 05:37

I really don’t understand. What time do you normally get trains? I have never thought there was a cut-off time for getting a train. Just make sure you have a way to get home from the train station.

greenacrylicpaint · 06/10/2022 06:01

the last train is usually quite busy.
train stations and the area around at night can seem a bit daunting with shady looking people hanging around, but most likely they will leave you alone.

tbh I would take it.
but I travel a lot by train.

ChagSameachDoreen · 06/10/2022 06:05

Badgirlriri · 06/10/2022 03:09

Yes, it is safe. Stop letting fear rule your life.

How do you know it's safe?

fernz · 06/10/2022 06:06

I rarely worry about public transport itself, but don't like walking home from the station or bus stop very late so then it's a taxi for that bit which adds to the cost anyway.

Will you enjoy the wedding if you'll be clock watching to make sure you don't miss the train though?

Tohaveandtohold · 06/10/2022 06:12

I used to travel a lot by train at some point and those late trains are always busy with people. The main thing is that if it’s that late, I’ll be getting a taxi from the venue to the station and also to my house. If it all works out cheaper than a cheap premier inn or Travelodge at the wedding location then it’s worth it.

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