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To stop reading the news and bury my head in the sand?

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Itstheimplication · 05/10/2022 23:16

I know it’s not a good way to deal with things really but just seen the breaking news about North Korea firing another ballistic missile towards Japan after the tensions to do with its protection from Russia and China (and accusations from the US about such protections) and I just feel like my head might explode with the bleakness of it all.

it feels like we are careering into even darker times, even as I try to tell myself there have been other times of unrest etc in the past I probably just wasn’t old enough to be as aware of it and I didn’t have kids so I didn’t have the same level of worry about things.

I’ve always stayed up to date with the news and considered it a good thing to do so I could stay informed but now I’m seriously wondering whether to just start avoiding it altogether! Everything just seems to get more and more terrible!

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