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AIBU to be freaking out

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rosiebl · 05/10/2022 22:14

Can any mumsnetters help with identifying this.

Found 4 of these brown creatures in various locations in my bedroom. 1 on the wall, one on the edge of my bed frame, 1 underneath my fitted sheet on the mattress, 2 on the floor underneath the bed. When I grabbed the creatures with tissue they are a bit slimy and a coat of filmy dusty stuff came off them.

Then the white worm thing under the bed too. The worm has a white body and brown head. I've caught it in a jar. It seems to have many many legs but it could be furry.

Ugh. Help!

AIBU to be freaking out
AIBU to be freaking out
OP posts:
rosiebl · 05/10/2022 22:14

Oh and length of the creature is about 1mm

OP posts:
SavoirFlair · 05/10/2022 22:15

It’s the Mind Flayer.


Jumpinginwithbothfeet · 05/10/2022 22:18

Google lens says its a bed bug?!

Lottsbiffandsmudge · 05/10/2022 22:20

The thing with legs looks like a bed bug to me..... sorry to say.
Have you been away recently? Or had someone to stay?

Myownpapillon · 05/10/2022 22:20

Bed bug and bed worm?

rosiebl · 05/10/2022 22:31

Bed worm 😫

My husband works away so stays in various places. He's not been away for months though!

We don't have any bites. I thought that was a telltale sign?

I've stripped the beds and we've been underneath; flipped the mattress and there's no other classic telltale bed bug signs. The mattress has no stains. No red or brown stains anywhere on the sheets.

I'll just book pest control tomorrow!

OP posts:
WhiskersPete · 05/10/2022 22:42

Beg bug and beg bug larva that.

UmbilicusProfundus · 05/10/2022 22:45

Is it not a carpet beetle?

WhiskersPete · 05/10/2022 22:45

On second thoughts, carpet beetle?

Justwingingit2005 · 05/10/2022 22:47

Looks like a carpet beetle to me.
I don't think bed bugs have the worm stage.

justasking111 · 05/10/2022 22:48

WhiskersPete · 05/10/2022 22:45

On second thoughts, carpet beetle?

A hotel I know had carpet beetle, staff were bitten as were guests horrible things

MandyMotherOfBrian · 05/10/2022 22:53

Thats definitely Carpet beetle and Carpet beetle larvae. They will eat natural fabrics like wool, silk etc. You might find some tell tale little holes in clothing.

rosiebl · 05/10/2022 22:54

Apart from moving house, any recommendations on treatment? Shall I go direct to pest control? Seems extreme for the sake of a couple of them but I'm freaking out. Would treatment be different for bed bugs and carpet beetles?

OP posts:
AntiHop · 05/10/2022 22:54

I can't tell from your photos but if it is carpet beetle, it isn't always catastrophic. I see the odd one around my house.

Aquamarine1029 · 05/10/2022 22:54

Call in a professional immediately, before it gets totally out of control.

Duvetdweller · 05/10/2022 22:58

I would simply burn the house down

rosiebl · 05/10/2022 23:05

My husband suggested a can of petrol sprinkled around. I'm trying to stay calm because as a PP mentioned, I think it's common. I've a crawling baby so think it's spiked the anxiety!

OP posts:
MrsMacIsBack · 05/10/2022 23:13

Carpet beetle and larva.

AIBU to be freaking out
MrsMacIsBack · 05/10/2022 23:15

PS It's not a worm, it's a larva.

AmuckAmuckAmuck · 05/10/2022 23:15

AntiHop · 05/10/2022 22:54

I can't tell from your photos but if it is carpet beetle, it isn't always catastrophic. I see the odd one around my house.

Same. We live in quite a wooded area and get the odd one, usually on the internal window sill. I went into a cleaning panic when I first found one some years ago but I didn’t have an infestation and have seen about six in all those years.

saltofcelery · 05/10/2022 23:16

Carpet beetle at different life stages. We moved into our house 10 years ago and they were in our bedroom and the hallway and stairs. I kept thinking I was seeing things as they disappeared so fast.

I tried everything to get rid of them, save calling pest control as we were skint. What worked was a massive hoovering session with a crevice tool. I hoovered the edges of each room for over 2 hours - never saw another one after that. I either got rid of them or they are amassing somewhere waiting to attack in the night - I do sometimes have nightmares about them 😂

GoodShipLollipopBop · 05/10/2022 23:23

Carpet beetle. Not a bed bug. I find them around my place occasionally. Just give your home a good vacuum - especially under beds and furniture and you'll be fine. I wouldn't bother calling pest control.

VivX · 05/10/2022 23:26

Duvetdweller · 05/10/2022 22:58

I would simply burn the house down

Yeah, me too😂
Let them try coming back after that💁

GrumpyPanda · 05/10/2022 23:29

Bundle up any delicate woolens and put them in the freezer for a week. That's when those big old energy-guzzling chest freezers really come in handy.

Hankunamatata · 06/10/2022 00:15

Urgh we get them. Theres a spray or powder you can use on the carpets.

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