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Do nothing to save energy AIBU

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Iknowforsure1 · 05/10/2022 22:07

Am I delusional?
Apart from not having baths I love, I do nothing as for now not save money on bills.
We don’t have heating on as we don’t need it now, our small 2 bed property is warm enough at the moment and I work outside of home and everyone else in the family is out for the day. However I do boil my kettle every time I want it, I cook when I need and use tumble dryer once a week when I don’t have time to dry things naturally. Am I going to be hit with a gigantic bill? As of today my direct debit reduced to a couple of pounds due to help from the government (£64 a month for every household?). Account is also in credit since summer. I just don’t have the energy to think about the energy. I guess I’m still delusional?

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Am I being unreasonable?


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flipetyflop · 06/10/2022 21:20

Lcb123 · 05/10/2022 22:15

I’m the same! Our direct debit has gone from £100 to £50 from this month, I don’t really get why everyone is worrying? We rarely use heating as live in 2-bed flat on 2nd floor so get a lot of sun light and benefit from neighbours heat! Don’t have tumble dryer anyway, and only 2 adults so only 1-2 loads of laundry per week.

You don't get why everyone is worrying but have gone on to list several reasons why your gas bill would be less than the average family


VanGoghsDog · 06/10/2022 22:28

InCheesusWeTrust · 06/10/2022 15:56

Uswitch has an article on that with completely different figures.

I am assuming most people don't have large laptops permanently in?

I have new small tablet type in, monitor and table and it is not costing more than pennies a day because I am pretty on top of my usage

I have two laptops, one is indeed "large", both are on all day and I don't turn them off overnight, just leave them to go into sleep mode. One goes off at weekends, but the other is in seven days a week.
So I think it's more than the 3p they are suggesting, especially given that was probably written before the last two rises.


EilonwyWithRedGoldHair · 07/10/2022 10:35

AtomicBlondeRose · 06/10/2022 20:29

On the flasks thing - yes, if you routinely boil far more water than you need and don’t use it at all, and you already own a flask, then putting that in a flask will save you some money. However it’s saving about up to about 5p each time you don’t boil the kettle, and a flask doesn’t keep it boiling so probably not hot enough for tea anyway.

It is definitely not worth buying a flask for. The best thing is to measure out the water before you boil it , or use excess water for washing up or cooking. But that doesn’t feel so “active”, I suppose. People like to feel like they’re doing something. However the best way to save money is almost never to buy something new!

I already had a flask so didn't need to buy one. But when I make tea I make three mugs - two in the flask, one to drink now - because I drink my tea so weak, and I mostly drink decaf which is more expensive, so it's more about saving money on the teabags than saving money on boiling the kettle.

And in the winter the water used to warm the flask then goes in a hot water bottle.

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