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To think we also have our own problems?

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Fedupoficecreams · 05/10/2022 17:18

Dh family is very full on…or it feels like that to me!
His mum has had cancer twice and recovered well, but still has some treatment for a small area, I understand this must be hard. His brother has some mental health issues and his sister falls out with them all the time. They’re very negative and quite toxic at times and bitter about life.
One of them is always messaging Dh to check up on the others or cheer them up etc or mil is always messaging/ringing and telling all her woes. They ask how we are but don’t really have much idea (or seem to be concerned with how hard things can be for us..or other people)
We’ve had our own health issues as had our young dd and we’ve had challenging behaviour from her. We also struggle financially at times and live away from them all so never have that support they can give each other, if needed. My dad has just had some skin cancer removed and my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer last year (all removed and ok at present)
My mum tells me bits and bobs but isn’t like their family and often doesn’t want to put things on us…I would like her to tell me more tbh!
Aibu to think that people have their own issues and Dh’s family are too much and quite self centred/selfish or am I being mean?

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Sirzy · 05/10/2022 17:21

You have said they ask how you are. So tell them!

Fedupoficecreams · 05/10/2022 17:50

@Sirzy Oh, they know, we just don’t go on about it and try to be positive in life…

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Fedupoficecreams · 05/10/2022 21:11

No one else has in-laws like this 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

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