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To ask something about covid?

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AspireMe · 05/10/2022 14:20

Just want to preface this thread by saying it is not a thread about being pro vaccinations or anti vaccinations - it's not a thread about vaccines at all but covid itself.

Has anyone who has had a confirmed case of covid themselves or know someone close to them who has had a confirmed case noticed anything different about themselves or the person that's had it? Not in a long-term covid sense with the loss of smell, taste and other symptoms, but actual personality changes?

I couldn't put my finger on why someone I know reasonably well seemed to have changed in the last 5 or 6 months - before they were really bubbly and funny and had a spark about them and lately it seems that the light has just dulled on them and they're quite quiet now. I've asked several times if everything is okay and they say yes, but it was enough of a change for me to comment. I put it down to something going on in their personal life and they didn't want to talk about it. This person has had covid.

I saw on a different site someone mentioning this and other people anecdotally expressing the same thoughts in agreement and wondered if it was the case of the person I know, then it dawned on me that someone has said something similar to me, that I'd "changed" but they couldn't put their finger on why, and I was quite baffled at the time as as far as I was aware I hadn't changed and nothing in my life had changed. I have also had a confirmed case of covid.

So just thought I'd do a thread on here to see what MNners who have experienced it themselves or close to home has to share?

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