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To ask why they don't show villas at the top end of their budget?

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Barnowl25 · 05/10/2022 13:18

Watching A Place in The Sun and the woman had a budget of £97000. So why are they showing really crap, ugly properties for about £45,000? Is there a prize for the person who can sell the ugliest property in a terrible area?

I am in bed with flu so pretty grumpy and possibly BU.

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purplecorkheart · 05/10/2022 13:20

I assume that many owners do not want cameras and multiple people going through their Villas etc so they are probably limited to those who will allow it. Also there many not be many highend villas on the market at that time

GasPanic · 05/10/2022 13:20

Because stretching yourself to the absolute maximum budget is very 2021 ?

bilbodog · 05/10/2022 13:25

Maybe they are happy to spend money upgrading and modernising the property so thats being taken into account?

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