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Lump on shoulder ?!!

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heyloveee1 · 05/10/2022 13:07

Hey everyone just need some advice or anyone with similar experience I have booked a gp appointment waiting for them to get back to me

Today I was laying down in bed with my shoulders kind of struggled in a uncomfortable position as I got up and I was turning my head it kind of hurt to turn never thought anything
Of it until I looked in the mirror I realised my left shoulder is kind of raised more than the other shoulder I know everyone's shoulder is kind of raised but when touching it there's no lumps I don't think but I feels more stiff and I feel more fatness if that's what you call it on that side than the other I sent a picture to my partner and at first he said he didn't know I was talking about but then when I circled the picture he said he can see it that it does look a little raised

I'm not sure if i'm making sense also on this same side my ears are kind of blocked but I normally suffer with blocked ears no and again

Not sure if i'm making sense hopefully you guys understand

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heyloveee1 · 05/10/2022 13:08

Btw it's not at the tip of my shoulder but more inner near neck I felt my lymph nodes and none feel inflamed

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