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To pinch my pillows back

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Quitelikeacatslife · 04/10/2022 23:37

So I stripped the bed after work washed bedding and put in tumble dryer. Was puttering about late and DH came to bed before me. Amazingly he put sheets on, then got in and fell asleep. I'm now in bed all lonely and clean. But, he has mixed the pillows up and is asleep on my lovely feather pillow . I'm wondering how can I get it back without waking him or being rude , argh. I'm stuck with the synthetic ones he chose .

OP posts:
jellydaydream · 04/10/2022 23:42

Take your pillow. Swap his straight in. If he wakes it will be for seconds and he'll be disturbed for far less time than you will be if you don't swap. Do it! He won't even remember in the morning.

TheArtfulStodger · 04/10/2022 23:46

Just do it. Fast. Like ripping off a plaster. Noone takes my pillows.

Quitelikeacatslife · 04/10/2022 23:48

Aw I feel mean , he's fast asleep. Maybe if I wriggle about it might disturb him and he might get up for a wee

OP posts:
ErrolTheDragon · 04/10/2022 23:48

If you don't want to be rude, say 'here's your pillow back, here let me take mine out of your way'. If he chose them maybe he actually prefers them... reasonable assumption anyway.
You might need to wait till he stirs in his sleep, could be difficult to liberate yours if he's deep asleep on it.

ErrolTheDragon · 04/10/2022 23:49

Quitelikeacatslife · 04/10/2022 23:48

Aw I feel mean , he's fast asleep. Maybe if I wriggle about it might disturb him and he might get up for a wee

Or an accidental cold foot on his leg, that sort of thing.

Quitelikeacatslife · 04/10/2022 23:50

He's completely still , bugger. I'm just going go have to lump it for tonight I think

OP posts:
jellydaydream · 04/10/2022 23:51

If you told him in the morning that you struggled to sleep because he had your pillow, what would he say? My DP would say 'oh Jelly, you should have just taken it!'

Quitelikeacatslife · 04/10/2022 23:51

I could pretend to twitch and kick him, he might roll over then . Hope he's not dribbling on my lovely pillow

OP posts:
jellydaydream · 04/10/2022 23:54

I think the plaster technique is a good idea. Like that trick when they take a tablecloth off and leave an entire tea set.

EmeraldShamrock1 · 04/10/2022 23:54

Try the hug & roll method just be careful he doesn't fall off the bed.

jellydaydream · 04/10/2022 23:56

Just make sure you've got a grip on the pillow, not just the pillow case when you do the sharp tug.

Quitelikeacatslife · 04/10/2022 23:56

He might be more startled by sudden hugging , then both arms would be occupied, not good for switching

OP posts:
maddening · 04/10/2022 23:58

Warm his pillow up first, if you switch he is.less likely to wake if there is no change in temp

jellydaydream · 05/10/2022 00:00

Put your pillows on the floor. Kneel in the space they occupied, facing him. Grip the pillow you want strongly, by the corners, with both hands. Very strong sharp tug toward you.

jellydaydream · 05/10/2022 00:03

If he wakes up be nice and tell him he was having a bad dream

Quitelikeacatslife · 05/10/2022 00:06

I just have no where near enough coordination to switch. Maybe if I go run a tap he might need a wee

OP posts:
SteveHarringtonsChestHair · 05/10/2022 00:10

Wake him up and tell him you heard something downstairs. Then when he goes to investigate you can switch and he’ll be none the wiser Wink

Quitelikeacatslife · 05/10/2022 00:11

Ah that's good,
So tired now going to try to sleep , I might be back

OP posts:
Quitelikeacatslife · 05/10/2022 00:15

God , his pillow is like a bag of satsumas

OP posts:
blackpearwhitelilies · 05/10/2022 00:25

Talk loudly as if in a dream. Then he might wake up. Or shake him and say he seemed to be having a nightmare, clearly induced by sleeping on the wrong pillow. Then say here, have your pillow back. You’ll sleep much better.

OnTheBrinkOfChange · 05/10/2022 00:32

Put his hand in a jug of water and he'll be going to the bathroom in no time.

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