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How do you set up a business page on Facebook?

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Sunshineismyfriend · 04/10/2022 14:08

I thought I could do it while still logged in to my personal profile so I can access them both when I’m logged on. I can’t even see how to set up a new page.

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inappropriateraspberry · 04/10/2022 14:18

On the app, find the pages tab when in your personal profile and there should be a 'create' button at the top - then you can set up a page and specify what kind of page it will be.

Sunshineismyfriend · 04/10/2022 14:23

Thank you. I’d posted that and literally found it. I’d seen it a while back so thought it would be simple but when I just came to do it I couldn’t figure it out!

thanks for replying.

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