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Perimenopause making me hate everyone

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Upthebracket22 · 03/10/2022 18:15

Honestly, EVERYONE gets on my nerves at the moment. I nearly called my sister a selfish twat today - I feel like I am getting to a point where I will need to live on my own in a cave somewhere. I am 49, not on HRT and my symptoms seem to be getting worse. I can’t focus either- I seem to have lost my clarity of thought- I can’t do a good shop in the logical way I used to- I stood for 10 mins in front of the cheese today as couldn’t work out what I wanted 😬

WTF? It’s really awful! Everyone irritates me!

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Laiste · 03/10/2022 18:19

How come you're not on HRT?

I'm with you btw. I have a lot of days when i could happily kill everyone in sight. Missed 2 periods now so ... great.

TheHoover · 03/10/2022 18:20

Are you sure it’s the perimenopause making you hate everyone and and not spending too much time on mumsnet…?

Upthebracket22 · 03/10/2022 18:23

@Laiste i tried it, had some awful side effects, might try it again though- deffo seems to be getting worse

@TheHoover Ha ha

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Laiste · 03/10/2022 18:29

Upthebracket22 · 03/10/2022 18:23

@Laiste i tried it, had some awful side effects, might try it again though- deffo seems to be getting worse

@TheHoover Ha ha

Ah. That's what worries me about trying it tbh.

Flowers Wine

Peterbear · 03/10/2022 18:31

I was in your position last year. Just hated everyone! Tried 3 different types of HRT and finally found one that suits.
Really helped me (and now I just hate most people!)

malificent7 · 03/10/2022 18:32

You aren't alone op.

FormAnOrderlyQueue · 03/10/2022 18:34

Please don't be afraid to try it ladies.
The first few weeks on mine were ghastly, I felt I'd been hit by a steam train.
But I persevered and then once I was through this stage of getting accustomed to it, I felt SO much better.
It just needs to settle, honestly it's a life saver.

Notreallyhappy · 03/10/2022 18:34

See your Dr for bloods, tell them how you are.. insist you peri not depressed etc. And that you could quite easily stab someone... hrt works for me.

Aquamarine1029 · 03/10/2022 18:36

Go to a private Peri/menopause clinic if you can. It's 100% worth it to get your life back.

MoistTowelette · 03/10/2022 20:00

Im nearly the same age as you and could have written this myself! I was absolutely miserable before the summer and spent most of our hard earned family holiday in tears or going out by myself to spare everyone else. After a particular low point, I decided that I had to do something because I was going to lose my mind.

I started with small changes like drinking more water (was crap at this) and taking perimenopausal supplements, it made a huge difference right from the get go for me.
I finally accepted that DHs snoring meant that I was exhausted and had been sleep deprived for years. I moved into the spare room and love it. I fall asleep and stay asleep. We both sleep better and I can actually think again.

Eating better (not dieting) followed then I bodly gave up the dog walker and started walking her myself before/after work. With some of the money I save each month, I treat myself to Spotify (and fancy coffee Ive stashed away just for me) and have a killer playlist of all my favourite songs. I now really enjoy this time each day. Ive lost about 10kgs and feel so much better not only physically but mentally too.

Im not ruling out HRT in the future, but atm this is helping a lot. Ive proritised myself for the first time in years and don't feel quite so pissed off. All these small changes have really started to add up. Im thinking of starting yoga next.

Best wishes OP and be kind to yourself x

BarrelOfOtters · 03/10/2022 20:07

I tried a few different hrt. Honestly the right one made so much difference. I’m on Mirena and gel now, which seems to work for me. I’m back to myself. Though a slightly (a lot) less tolerant of stupidity than i used to be….no bad thing.

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