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Center Parcs advert - I’m sure someone will think I’m being unreasonable but…

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Likelookinginamirror · 03/10/2022 06:22

I’ve just seen what I assume is their latest campaign. Family having jolly time, lots of shots of mum, helping child with flying fox etc… with background music.. “For once in my life I have someone who needs me… “ - I think it’s a Stevie Wonder song. What?!

Surely they’ve got it massively wrong here? Or have I misunderstood?

The kids need me 24/7, they’re not going to sell a holiday break to me based on me being needed throughout the holiday too Grin

In fact, I found myself googling health spas and retreats. Not that I’d get to one, but it had the wrong effect on me, clearly.

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Am I being unreasonable?

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Anorack · 03/10/2022 06:49

It is a marketing ploy really, They are just playing on peoples emotions, selling it as special family time

TBH centre parks fucked a lot of people off with the whole issue with saying they were going to kick everyone off the park for the queens funeral - and then changing their minds......and to change their minds

My friends were booked to go on holiday with them during the queens funeral and got the call to say they would all be effectively homeless for 24 hours - 400 miles away from home - during their holiday. So she cancelled and got an amazing deal for Greece. Then CP called her back to say 'oh actually you can stay if you change your mind' and she told them to fuck off

Likelookinginamirror · 03/10/2022 06:55

Oh, I didn’t see that, I’m not in the UK at the moment, but I can imagine a lot of people said the same as your friends.

I do see it’s a ploy, but I just can’t imagine it working. Are there really women out there who would be drawn in by this? Anyway, sounds as if they’re not very good at reading the room in other ways too, so maybe not a surprise!

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Forfrigz · 03/10/2022 07:29

Centre parcs are ridiculous they used to rely on drawing in the middle class by showing what looked like an endless woodland idyll to cycle around then when people arrive and it becomes apparent that you merely cye around the cabins they make it their last visit.

Deliaskis · 03/10/2022 08:05

I can see what you mean, but I think the rest of the song, rather than being about being needed, is more like following dreams and being happy and free to do the things you want etc. But yes.... line 1: being needed.... isn't high on my list of holidays wishes either!

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