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Rich House Poor House has been ruined

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SleepingStandingUp · 02/10/2022 21:42

It just used to be a rich family and a poor family who would hopefully find some common ground and then sometimes the rich family would help the poor family.

Now the rich family excel in some specific area and poor family want to go into it so there's an expectation that the poor family will come away with a new career supplied by expertise from the rich family.

It's just become so transactional. AIBU to think it's awful now?

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QuandaleDingle · 02/10/2022 21:54

Yeah it is crap now

And a lot of the rich families seem to have made their money from bullshit stuff like mentoring / coaching

Hellospring22 · 02/10/2022 22:13

Yes, I used to love it but don’t watch it anymore.

mrsbyers · 02/10/2022 23:07

its dreadful , the poor family’s friends are primed with the sob story , the bills are always in the kitchen drawer

The only thing we were enjoying was seeing which takeaway they had on first night and the obligatory farm shop / deli spend.

when it first started sometimes they’d pop
some play equipment in the garden or buy a set of bunk beds etc - now it’s all motivational speakers and mentorship

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