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Flytipping neighbours

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FattyAirways · 02/10/2022 17:58

My ndn's are messy. There's no denying it. They let their bins overflow and about three months back they put some old mattresses and multiple other household items in the alleyway we share with around 10 other houses.

I get on fine to say a friendly hello to and don't want to sour neighbourly relations, but WIBU to report them to the council for flytipping? What's stopping me is that they could receive a hefty fine. I'm just so tired of looking out of my back windows on to their shit. To top it all off, their bins are overflowing, litter everywhere and they obviously don't give a shit because that litter has been there for about a week now.

OP posts:
Thatboymum · 02/10/2022 18:00

I wouldn’t hesitate to report them if it meant saving my own home and garden from the potential of rats

44PumpLane · 02/10/2022 18:28

Yes you should report. You run the risk of rats if there is lots of rubbish and honestly it's so disgusting!

DismantledKing · 02/10/2022 18:29

Yes I would. I fucking hate flytippers. Skanky bastards.

SacredDeer · 02/10/2022 18:31

I wouldn't hesitate at all, theres no excuse for them creating filth like that, surprised you aren't overrun with vermin

SoupDragon · 02/10/2022 18:35

Have you spoken to them about the fly tipping ? Surely that is the first thing to do if you genuinely don't want to sour neighbourly relations?

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