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… to think children sap the fun out of games (lighthearted!)

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McGingery · 02/10/2022 13:25

Yellow car = 2 digs

Seems simple enough! Oh no, we have to have rules otherwise on a car journey chaos ensues!

  1. At least one other person has to see the car.
  2. Orange and green card 1 dig.
  3. Pink and purple cars 3 digs.
  4. It is not an excuse to be violent to your brother /sister.
  5. Each spot dig another person (see rule 4).
  6. If you are on a motorway and constantly overtaking the same car please reference to rules 4 and 5!

It’s exhausting trying to remember! Anyone else got stupid rules for simple games?
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Am I being unreasonable?


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