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To ask you to help identify this rash

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astridpeth · 02/10/2022 08:08

Morning all. So I am not one for going to the doctors unless absolutely necessary. This has appeared on the inside of my right leg just above my knee. The raised rash (which is almost blistery) is about the size of a 5 pence piece. It is incredibly incredibly itchy. I have no recollection of scratching myself on anything.
I'm currently using antihistamines to help with the itch and aloe gel to try to calm it but it is getting worse. Dr google tells me nothing.
I'm thinking I might have to send the pic to the doctors tomorrow when they open but just wandered in the meantime if anyone had any ideas. I've never come across a rash like this. Thank you

To ask you to help identify this rash
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Onceuponaheartache · 02/10/2022 08:14

It looks like an allergic reaction to a bite or something.

Take antihistamines to curb the itching and if it doesn't ease om the next
48 hours I would speak to a gp or practice nurse.

Juke1 · 02/10/2022 08:15

Why not visit a pharmacy? A decent pharmacist will tell you straight away what it is and give the correct treatment.

Vetiver · 02/10/2022 08:18

I had a horse fly bite that went a bit like that

sheepandcaravan · 02/10/2022 08:18

Ring worm?

imnotthatkindofmum · 02/10/2022 08:19

Could be anything eg herpes virus,lichen planus, allergic reaction.

I agree go to pharmacy.

MrJi · 02/10/2022 08:20

I think that needs to be seen OP. I react badly to bites as do my dc, but I have never seen that type of skin around a bite or sting. As you also have the ring of redness further out I think it warrants a trip to the GP.
I wonder if it could be a spider bite, have you been gardening ? My mil had blistering and redness after a spider bite, I didn’t see her until it had calmed down a lot so I am not sure if it looked like yours when she saw her GP, but so,e times spider bites do need antibiotics.
Whatever it is it looks really uncomfortable, I hope it is better soon.

astridpeth · 02/10/2022 08:21

Thank you all I did wander if it was a reaction to a bite. Just can't remember being bitten by anything. I will keep up with the home remedies and pop to the pharmacy tomorrow after work.

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SofiaAmes · 02/10/2022 08:21

Looks like shingles to me. Agree with everyone else...go have it looked at. If it is shingles, you want to get an antiviral asap.

Becute · 02/10/2022 08:22

Looks a little infected as it has redness around the outside ... Visit a pharmacist or go they will give antibiotics or cream to help.

Benjispruce4 · 02/10/2022 08:22

Ring worm. Not a worm but fungal. Just needs cream but show a pharmacist. Don’t scratch as contagious.

ThisIsMyHappyFacee · 02/10/2022 08:23

Looks like ring worm, speak to a pharmacist

DisappointinglyFlatulent · 02/10/2022 08:24

I'd say ringworm. If you have any Canesten in the house that will help calm it before you can get to a pharmacy. That worked for me anyway.

Benjispruce4 · 02/10/2022 08:39

See image of ringworm.

To ask you to help identify this rash
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