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To be really worried about my friend who lives in Florida

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Ginandmum · 29/09/2022 21:14

She lives in orlando. Can’t contact her as she’s not replying to my messages. Just trying to check she’s ok from the hurricane out there but can’t get hold of her, aibu to be really worried about her?

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Vaccine001 · 29/09/2022 21:19


Pallisers · 29/09/2022 21:21

Orlando is getting a storm but nothing like the west coast. All the scenes on the tv are from the gulf coast, not Orlando. She will be fine.

refreshingseahorse · 29/09/2022 21:21

My MIL lives in Lakeland and has no power. Possibly your friend is in the same position and has run out of phone battery? Hope you get good news soon.

Boxowine · 29/09/2022 21:24

I'm sorry. It is very stressful. Orlando is very far inland, it hasn't been as hard hit as Ft Myers. There are reports of flooding from heavy rainfall in the Orlando area and some wind damage. But it hasn't been affected by the storm surge, which is the cause of most of the damage on the coast.

Aconitum · 29/09/2022 21:25

My family on the east coast side have just got power back. Those on the gulf coast side have missed the worst of it. Hopefully you will hear from her soon.

Ginandmum · 29/09/2022 21:31

Thanks everyone, hopefully I hear from her soon

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Plumedenom · 29/09/2022 21:42

My colleague's family are Cuban. She was a little bit frantic yesterday as her family hadn't phoned. It turns out only her sister had some battery to send her a message. The electricity is a massive problem. It's most likely just that. Try not to worry.

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