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Angry childminder on school run

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IcyBlonde15 · 29/09/2022 18:46

There is a woman at the school run who has clearly taken a dislike to me and my child for some reason. She is not a mum but a childminder and there every day. A few weeks ago my child was involved in a altercation with another child in school and it was dealt with between me, school and the other parent involved to all our satisfaction. However, this woman told the other mum that it was HER child she minds my son hit, and I initially thought he must have hit him too and questioned him about it. He strongly denied it but not really trusting the accuracy of a four year old I asked the teacher who said absolutely not, my son is supervised at all times due to possible SEN and she can confirm there was no incident between my kid and theirs. A few times when I have walked past I have heard tutting, muttering and to be honest the first few times I honestly thought it must be at someone else as there is literally no reason for her to have an issue. But my child came running out of school yesterday and excited to see me , almost ran into her child but he swerved himself just on time. She dramatically put her arm around the child protectively tutting and muttering at me. Then today, both at pick up and drop off shook her head at me. I am baffled to be honest and I would love to say did you say something when she mutters but i work in the school so really can’t be getting involved in this sort of nonsense. I have never dealt with any problems with other adults in the school run before and have no idea how best to handle it! I know I should rise above it but it’s not a nice feeling and is making me a bit nervous now.

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IcyBlonde15 · 29/09/2022 18:46

The other mums and parents I meant

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DownTheBackoftheSofa · 29/09/2022 18:59

Hmm.. I can see why you would feel a bit paranoid. I'd strike up a conversation with her if I were you. Just pass the time of day.. it's harder for people to demonise people that are nice to them. Also if your son has SEN and he's 4 for goodness sake.. why would a childminder not be understanding of that. If she carrys on after that you can either tell her she's unreasonable or just ignore her.

swashbucklecheer · 29/09/2022 19:01

Just ignore her. It's not worth the head space.

FatAgainItsLettuceTime · 29/09/2022 19:04

Would you be comfortable taking a different approach of giving her a big smile and a breezy 'hi/good morning/good afternoon' every day? I agree you can't confront or do anything that would jeopardise your job but I wonder if some positive engagement might help to stop her muttering and glowering.

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