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HireStarter · 29/09/2022 13:04

Sorry it's not juicy. But it's been whirling around my brain and I really need some outside perspective please! It may be outting but oh well, here goes.

Thanks in advance!

As a bit of background, I have a 2:1 degree (gained around 10 years ago) and before kids I had a few promotions and got to a point I was happy with in my career. Not mega bucks, but lower management level, good money for my stage of career and felt content.

Shortly after I had my first child I was made redundant and decided to stay off work to care for them (for a number of reasons I won't bore you with).

Fast forward 4-5 years I decided the time was right to get back into work. I love working so it was a welcome change.

I'm now working in a school in a term time position. The salary is very low, similar to what I was earning when I left uni. BUT I realise term time working saves me money and stress (3 kids) and I actually enjoy the job.

But I have itchy feet and want more. More money and a career path rather than just a job. I'm mid thirties.

So my options as I see them are;

Option 1) stay where I am and train. Continue in my role with low salary for a few years, while the kids are young, and do a qualification in my spare time. The job is out of the house part time during the week so it costs me to travel and on those days my partner has to do all of the ferrying around.
Training wise it would be to get the next promotion at the school - for option 2.

Option 2) push for a promotion now, even without the qualification. It pays £5-10k more but is probably then the end of the road in terms of progression. I MAY be able to get one now, I may have to train beforehand, not sure. Term time option still and out of the house. Not great money, but better.

Option 3) get a role with the Civil Service. I could probably go in at £5-10k more immediately and there's probably much better progression and variety. BUT it's not term time and I may not enjoy it as much as I do the school environment.

What would you do?

I feel like I need to do something but I'm stuck on what's best and scared of giving up a term-term job!

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