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For getting involved with neighbour dispute

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iGotADilemma · 28/09/2022 20:47

Neighbour 1 who lives opposite us had his driveway semi-blocked by neighbour 2 who lives a few doors down. Neighbour 1 got extremely angry and started shaking and kicking the car. He was shouting saying "I'm gonna * scratch the car" etc etc. Neighbour 2 apologised and moved the car and Neighbour 1 went back into his home. My BIL messaged neighbour 2 who we're friendly with asking what happened and he said his car has been scratched by neighbour 1. He asked if we had evidence. Our Ring doorbell recorded everything. If BIL sends the evidence then it's obvious it came from us as our driveway is visible. If BIL doesn't send evidence then there will be a dispute between neighbour 1 and neighbour 2. What would you do? Is it morally right to get involved?

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8misskitty8 · 29/09/2022 06:41

I would Give the footage to the police if they ask or ask the neighbour for the crime number so it can be attached to the evidence.
I wouldn’t just give it to the neighbour as he may have not reported it and want it for other reasons.


rwalker · 29/09/2022 06:46

I’d tell neighbour opposite that u have the footage don’t want to get involved so please sort it


CornishTiger · 29/09/2022 06:49

You are breaching domestic cctv guidance.

You are only able to give cctv footage to police for the purposes of preventing and detecting crime. You can’t send it to just anyone.


lannistunut · 29/09/2022 06:52

CornishTiger · 29/09/2022 06:49

You are breaching domestic cctv guidance.

You are only able to give cctv footage to police for the purposes of preventing and detecting crime. You can’t send it to just anyone.

Yes this.

Follow the rules on CCTV - tell the neighbour if the Police ask for your footage you will share it but you can't share footage with randoms.


lannistunut · 29/09/2022 06:54

iGotADilemma · 28/09/2022 21:40

What legal requirements are you referring to?


OperaStation · 29/09/2022 06:57

iGotADilemma · 28/09/2022 21:13

But what is right morally? Give evidence or not? And why?

It would be morally right to give the footage. Neighbour one damaged property deliberately. It was a massive over reaction just for slightly parking over someone’s drive. They sound like a complete lunatic.


theremustonlybeone · 29/09/2022 06:58

Ring door bells are not meant to face towards the street as it infringes your neighbours rights.

You may find your evidence can’t be used but worth checking.


QuebecBagnet · 29/09/2022 07:02

It’s unlikely that cctv from the other side of the road will show the scratch actually being made which is what the police will say is needed. CCTV showing someone touching a car and there being a scratch there afterwards isn’t enough. Sadly I speak from experience. My car was scratched, cctv showed a teenager with something in his hand run his hand down the side of my car. There was a matching scratch there afterwards but the cctv didn’t show the scratch so they said it might already have been there.

so your cctv is unlikely to make a difference


CharChar91 · 29/09/2022 07:21

We've been in the position of having our vehicle damaged by an unhinged neighbour and it was awful. We knew who it was but without evidence we were left to foot the extensive and repeated bills ourselves before we moved.
Please do the right thing and hand the evidence in. That was such an extreme reaction when he could have just knocked and asked them to move their car.

BTW just to clarify we'd not done anything to warrant our vehicle being damaged. We were a young couple buying our first house, the previous owner, an elderly lady, had let unhinged neighbour use the driveway as she didn't have a car. Unhinged neighbour didn't want to stop parking in our driveway once we'd bought the house and kept parking there anyway. We eventually told their landlord and our vehicle started getting damaged.

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