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To wear board shorts and a rash vest

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DinosaurPyjamas · 28/09/2022 14:09

to take toddler swimming?

I hate swimming for many reasons, but mostly because I have to take my clothes off. Would it look completely bonkers to wear board shorts at the swimming pool/splash pool? Would cycling style shorts and a tankini be better? I really want something that covers most of my thighs.

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LiftyLift · 28/09/2022 14:16

Wearing a vest and shorts swimming just draws more attention to you than wearing a decent fitting swimming costume. Up to you if it makes you feel more comfortable though.

TruJay · 28/09/2022 14:17

My sil is a teacher and takes her class swimming weekly and then her own ds on a weekend. She wears an all in one costume suit with sleeves and shorts. It’s all one piece. It looks lovely and she said much better not worrying about neat bikini line either. I’ve been tempted to get my own to be honest but currently 9month pregnant so maybe afterwards 😂

It’s similar to this pic attached.

To wear board shorts and a rash vest
DubLynn · 28/09/2022 14:17

No one will bat an eyelid and if that's how you're comfortable then go for it. I feel so vulnerable in togs so get where you're coming from.

Giveaschitt · 28/09/2022 14:18

I usually wear shorts and a bikini - no idea whether people think it looks odd, couldn't care less, I feel comfortable!

BogRollBOGOF · 28/09/2022 14:19

I wear a shortie wetsuit as it gets cold hanging around supervising little children.

I've worn cycling shorts too after some awkward running chaffing!

Swim wear is diversifying a lot and that's good.

Beachbodyready · 28/09/2022 14:41

I often wear swim shorts that look like cycling shorts or swim leggings. I spoke to a muslim woman in my local people that was wearing leggings and a long sleeved top because I wanted to buy something similar. She said it's called modest swimwear and available from loads of places. I think it should be a more popular option because I know loads of women who would prefer to be more covered when swimming.,

Dinoteeth · 28/09/2022 14:44

Op look up a 'legsuit' Speedo and other companies do them.

Basically normal swimsuit but with legs that come half way down your thighs.

CMOTDibbler · 28/09/2022 14:50

Wear whatever you like - but I think board shorts are a great idea at the splash pool stage as you are bending over and not actually in the water a lot. A matching tankini top or rash vest is good too. Lands End have lots of co-ordinates with options.
I wear Decathlon swim leggings and long sleeve rash vest outdoor swimming due to UV sensitivity, and I also like the Alpkit long sleeve swimming costume which they have matching longer and shorter shorts for now

Windingshrubberies · 28/09/2022 14:54

Go for it! I wear a rash vest over my swimsuit when I take the kids swimming. Keeps me much warmer than a bikini/tankini especially in the kids pool when half of me is out of the water. If I could find board shorts I liked/fit well I'd wear those too.

BrilliantGreenFlamingo · 28/09/2022 14:57

That’s what I wear. No one cares. Or if they do I don’t know about it. Had too many experiences with creeps at the pool to want to wear any less. The only annoying thing is that the rash vest wafts up and down. So an all in one might be better.

Discovereads · 28/09/2022 15:00

go for it. Lots of girls and women prefer swimming short and shirts.

FlounderingFruitcake · 28/09/2022 15:04

I’m fine with wearing a tiny bikini when the occasion is right but definitely not in a toddler splash pool! Rash vest and shorts sounds very sensible, you’ll have more of you out of the water than in it and it’ll stop you getting cold.

Cantdoitallperfectly · 28/09/2022 15:08

I wore all in one with sleeves when I took my small kids swimming, I’m slimish but I did it because I find I get cold in the water when I’m not moving around much and it kept me warmer. I didn’t get any funny looks (that I know of!). Wear what makes you feel comfortable and tbh I don’t think people will be looking at you.

10HailMarys · 28/09/2022 15:48

I honestly don't think it matters what you wear provided you're comfortable. You're not going to the pool to swim yourself, you're going there to keep your toddler afloat, so provided you're wearing something that's designed for getting wet in, it's fine. Swim shorts and a rash vest sounds fine to me if that's what you'll be most comfortable in. I wouldn't give anyone else's clothes a second thought at a pool, especially if they were there supervising little ones.

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