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Has anyone written to their MP this week?

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footballmom43 · 28/09/2022 13:21

I'm being extremely lazy but was wondering if anyone had written to their Tory MP to encourage them to deliver a letter of no-confidence on the current shitshow, and if they'd mind sharing the wording? I doubt very much that my snarmy excuse for an Tory MP will do anything at all as a result, but I feel so completely helpless and want to feel like I've at least made my feelings clear...

OP posts:
StarbucksSmarterSister · 28/09/2022 13:31

I can't be bothered to expend time and energy because mine will do nothing. He's is a Tory careerist and will keep his head down in the hope he gets promoted.

Dotjones · 28/09/2022 13:32

Just write what you feel, it'll convey the message better than a ctrl+c, ctrl+v from someone else.

notenoughchairs · 28/09/2022 13:33

I was just thinking the exact same! I want to write to my MP but just cannot find the words, only a deep well of despair 😔

AnnPerkins · 28/09/2022 13:48

My MP is Nadine Dorries. I'm sure if she was inclined to do anything it is already being co-ordinated with other plotters...

FourChimneys · 28/09/2022 13:52

My MP is very well known. On the two occasions I have contacted them the replies have been bizarre.

Absolutely no faith in anything constructive being achieved with another email.

Rosegeranium · 28/09/2022 13:56

Mine is a Liz Truss supporter/ extreme right winger so there is no point. Feel completely hopeless.

Adventadventures · 28/09/2022 14:04

I have (Tory mp). it’s really easy through the “write to them “ website. Didn’t ask for a no confidence. Just told the how shit their mini budget was and vented about the state of the economy and how I will never vote Tory again (havent voted Tory since before brexit) . I am saving the no confidence vote for next week. I find it quite stress relieving

pd339 · 28/09/2022 14:08

No, because he's Geoffrey Cox and he'll be off earning millions doing his day job (of lawyer in and for tax havens!) He quite literally couldn't care less.

SuzySangfroid · 28/09/2022 14:11

No, mine is a rampant, panting, faithful Truss bloodhound and his assistant bats back most emails very shrilly with things like "Do you mind? I'm VERY tired and would like to go home now" 🤣

Democracy in action 🙄

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