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Trying to fraudulently retrieve deeds. I need help.

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user1488481370 · 28/09/2022 12:33

Myself and my eldest brother are executors for our late fathers will.

His file and deeds to his house and land are held with the SRA. To get them back we BOTH needed to sign to retrieve them and have them held somewhere we mutually agreed upon (a solicitors office)

My brother is a nasty character, threatening, intimidating and greedy. There’s a lot of history and back story but I’ll try and keep this short.

A dispute has now arisen on my father’s estate from another beneficiary. He has a very strong case and my eldest brother knows it.

I have just been informed by my solicitor’s firm that my brother has managed to put a request in for the entirety of our father’s deeds and file and authorised them to go to his daughter! They sent the same email to my brother who has obviously shit himself and put a stop to the claim. I haven’t signed anything to authorise this, I haven’t sent ID or my written authority so how on earth has this happened? All I can think is that it’s attempted fraud and he has forged my signature and documents.

The SRA have advised me that as of this morning, the original request has been deactivated.

Is there anyway that I can get this investigated? I’m in between solicitors at the moment and meeting my new solicitor on Monday for the first time (same firm) however I have emailed her to let her know of the update. Even though the claim has been deactivated it’s only because he’s been found out and the intent was still there. He has evidently also implicated others.

There is a catalogue of other things he has done in the time since my father’s death and we have also recently been in receipt of planning documents which prove he has committed fraud before.

Any advice?

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worriedniece · 28/09/2022 12:35

How many brothers!

worriedniece · 28/09/2022 12:35

Meant ? Not !

user1488481370 · 28/09/2022 12:35

Sorry just one brother! He is also an executor

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WhenDovesFly · 28/09/2022 12:46

What is the SRA? Sorry, I don't know that acronym.

I'd be contacting them in the first instance (maybe through the new solicitor), quoting their email, and advising that you, as joint signatory, had not given permission for the deeds to be transferred. I'd be requesting an investigation and stating that a potential fraud was occurring.

I'm not sure SRA has done anything wrong. Presumably the email to you and your brother is a security measure and informs both signatories of the request so that it can be picked up if one signatory knows nothing about the request?

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