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To think a lot of self employed people couldn’t hack working for a large organisation

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Notagoodtime · 28/09/2022 10:07

I may just be very sensitive right now as we are in the middle of building work and have been let down really badly so many times. Currently have a builder here who hasn’t worked a full week since he stated a month ago.Wife’s car broke down (2days off -she is a SAHM but he didn’t want to leave her at home without a car until it got fixed)baby has a cold so he didn’t sleep well (1 day off), he has a cold (2 days off), the list goes on. We’ve had similar excuses from various other trades. There is no way in a million years my husband could get away with so much time off. He would have a disciplinary hearing. I try and be understanding but I’m finding it really frustrating. Anyone else feel the same.

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shrunkenhead · 28/09/2022 17:23

Like a previous post said about freelancing in an office environment, the amount of dicking about gossiping, water machine, making toast, telling Gavin you'll email that file over to him asap etc etc is just shocking. SE don't have time to waste as we don't get paid to talk corporate crap.
I once had a job in a large firm and was "told off" for not answering the phone before 9am (I didn't start work until 9am and the firm was so petty I played it at it's own game)! It was lunacy booking holidays as it was first come basis etc etc and if Fran was off then Clarissa couldn't be off at the same time
Now I happily answer my phone at all hours. I tell my clients when I'll be away. And I don't have that awful Sunday night feeling anymore that I have to go back to work the next day. Obviously I do have to go back to work, but to a job I enjoy and am appreciated for.


balalake · 28/09/2022 17:39

I agree with the headline, but not the reason that the OP gives.

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