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To ask your best Diary of a CEO podcast?

5 replies

christmas2022 · 28/09/2022 03:51

There's loads and they're long so looking for reviews / recommendations of which ones to choose?

OP posts:
2isontheway · 28/09/2022 03:56

I haven't listened to them all but the David Cameron one was interesting as was piers Morgan....have just started Lewis capaldi which is good..

everyonebutme · 28/09/2022 04:29

I've listened to so many. Loved the lady from Facebook but lots of them are just so inspiring.

LovelyQuiche · 28/09/2022 04:34

Mo Gawdat

Swalewhale · 28/09/2022 05:18

Ooo watching this thread! I don't know how I've missed these for so long but I've only just started listening. I listened to the Lewis Capaldi one (which was really good!) And he referenced his chat with Jackmaate so I went back and found that one.. I think I want to listen to all of them, he really gets people to open up.
I like the short 'moments' ones too, some are just 10 minutes long but really really good.

zingerdoo · 28/09/2022 11:03

Have just listened to the Jimmy Carr one. I'm not that bothered about his comedy but was an amazingly interesting conversation that's really made me think.

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