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Packed lunch

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SaphiraBlue · 27/09/2022 21:35

Partner and I have 2 boys the same age. Wednesday’s they have a lunch time club so they take a packed lunch to school. Partner’s son can be quite fussy with food to the point of frustration for me (and I feel like my partner panders to it ) meal times can be a exasperating as SS usually has issue with one thing or another and food gets wasted.

SS usually has pasta for lunch, today he’s decided he doesn’t want pasta tomorrow and he’s told us at 9pm and we haven’t got anything else in the fridge to make something else.

Partner has now gone to the shops to get something. The school has sandwiches and wraps at break time, which my son will just get his lunch from. AIBU to expect SS to do the same? He’s told his dad that they only do ham sandwiches and he doesn’t like them. My son has listed other fillings and wraps that they also sell.

I feel like I’m constantly trying to get my head around the extensive list of things he won’t eat and the way he prefers them cooked and prepared.

His dad admits that he’s pampered but is happy to do the pampering. I can’t help feeling frustrated that the boys are set different expectations and treated differently.

It’s been this way for 10 years so it’s nothing new to us. I’m posting this on here as a way of venting, while also readily accepting that I may be unreasonable and should just get over the fact DP is happy to pander to SS.

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SaphiraBlue · 27/09/2022 21:37

FWIW - his dad had got him ham to make him a ham sandwich

OP posts:
Ponoka7 · 27/09/2022 21:41

It's up to him and seeing as its gone on for so long I doubt that he will change things.

Cwcwbird · 27/09/2022 21:41

Can you just adopt the not my circus approach? As long as his dad is doing the running around then leave him to it.

FarmerRefuted · 27/09/2022 21:42

If his dad is happy to do the pandering then just let him get on with it.

Midnights · 27/09/2022 21:42

If his dad is happy to do the pandering, and isn't expecting you to be running off to the shops at 9pm to do it - leave him to it! He's creating a rod for his own back, and he's clearly been doing it long enough that he's not going to change.

Not your circus not your monkeys! All DC are brought up with different expectations etc, it'll always happen (even when both DC are yours!).

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