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To wonder why the massive Nord 1 gas pipeline explosions weren't in tonight's 6pm news?

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HappyPeach · 27/09/2022 20:09

I was really shocked at the size of the bubbling sea & what this now means potentially to some of our gas supply this winter. Why was it not reported on the BBC?

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Cocopogo · 27/09/2022 23:03

Yep not showing anywhere on my bbc app. Very strange.

cowskeepingmeupatnight · 27/09/2022 23:11

One advantage of this for Russia is perhaps creating some distrust between US and Europe (if you buy the narrative that the US did it to prevent Europe from weakening its stance on Russian gas over winter).

AdamRyan · 29/09/2022 11:36

Germany paid a lot into Nordstream and is very dependent on Russian gas

Germany is also the key player in the EU and there have recently been protests to try to reduce German support for the war to minimise cost of living impact on German people reduce support

Therefore my personal feeling is this was Russia as a result of failed negotiations with Germany (reduce support for Ukraine or we will permanently reduce gas supplied).

It is possibly also intended as a diversion from their intended annexation of more of Ukraine.

I also think reports it was the US are misinformation/propaganda to destabilise the alliance countries have made to support Ukraine.

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