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To just not want to do things anymore?

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TraceyTheHamster · 27/09/2022 18:15

Pre-Pandemic I was involved in all sorts of community events. I was on the committees of several community groups and generally was doing something every weeknight after work.

But now I just, plainly can’t be arsed. Part of me feels like I’ve become really selfish and I need to shake myself up; but the other part of me wonders if it’s age as I’m now only a few months from a major milestone birthday.

All I want to do now is come home from work and potter; and cook and relax. I’ve got a committee meeting tonight and instead of my usual excitement I just feel stressed and rushed and like I don’t want to go.

AIBU to just say f- it all, I’m taking my evenings back?

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Cherryana · 27/09/2022 18:34

I agree.

Psychopomps · 27/09/2022 18:40

Committee work is unbelievably boring and frustrating. The only strange thing for me in what you say is that you did so much of it for so long without running mad. Other forms of ‘things to do in the evening’ are available — fun, fulfilling ones. Why not just see your friends? Join a club doing something that interests you? Go to the theatre? It’s not community committees or nothing…?

Oblomov22 · 27/09/2022 18:43

I can't believe you did so much before. Seems ott. I only do 1 thing of a week day night. That's enough.

LittleOwl153 · 27/09/2022 18:43

I have done just that.... and I'm mid way between milestone birthdays...

I think being shut up by covid has changed alot of people's views on such things. I ditched a few 'committees' who were largely taking advantage of my professional skills and now after a year or so getting involved in different interests- though I have to say some are still and effort!

OutWalkin · 27/09/2022 18:44

Is your milestone birthday 40?

Zuyi · 27/09/2022 18:47

If you used to love it then you're probably just out of the habit and need to put work in to build up the habit again. Feeling this way after lockdown seems very common. Some people genuinely prefer a quieter life, but in your case sounds as though you didn't.

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