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To not get the point of bodywarmers for babies?!

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Ilovechocolate87 · 27/09/2022 11:41

MIL brought DD1 two of these, but I never really used them....if it was not too cold baby had a lighter baby jacket/fleece and if it was cold enough for a 'bulky' puffer/padded coat then out came the one with arms (because otherwise surely she would get cold!?)
They have recently 'risen again' out of the hand-me-down clothes, as they now fit 11mth old DD2, and whilst they look cute, once again I'm finding the bloody things seem to have no clear use, so thinking I'll just sell/charity them.
Does anyone else use them? Am I missing something, or are they a totally pointless invention? (for babies)

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girlmom21 · 27/09/2022 11:46

It's easier to use your arms in body warmers than coats.

It's better for if they're crawling or indoors in a cooler environment like soft play or a church hall play group.

miltonj · 27/09/2022 11:56

Hoodie under a gillet was comfier snd more practical than a coat, as they can be a bit restrictive round the arms

AlwaysTheBrideNeverTheBridesmaid · 27/09/2022 12:10

I've never heard of these, googled them, are they just a gilet?

They're cute, probably fine for a cool day with long sleeved top and then the gilet on top, it's not always cold enough to need a full body/long arm thick coat.

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